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Range neon strip accessories
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Size 20*20mm/ Aluminum clip/H21.5mm* W22.5mm *L20mm


Welcome to the world of Kosoom’s Neon Strip Accessories – S0820. If you’re looking for a versatile lighting solution that combines the brilliance of traditional neon with the efficiency of LEDs, you’ve come to the right place. In this detailed introduction, we will delve into the product parameters, composition, design, color options, installation, energy efficiency, safety features, and outdoor suitability of our Neon Strip Accessories.

Composition and Design

Our Neon Strip Accessories are designed to illuminate your spaces with flexibility and durability. These strips consist of a flexible and translucent silicone or PVC housing that houses LED lights within. This innovative design allows them to emit a continuous, uniform light, reminiscent of traditional glass neon tubes, but with enhanced durability and flexibility.

Color Varieties and Control

Kosoom’s Neon Strip Accessories are available in various color options, including RGB (Red, Green, Blue) versions. These RGB strips give you the freedom to produce a wide spectrum of colors. Many of our models come equipped with controllers, enabling you to effortlessly adjust colors, brightness levels, and even set dynamic lighting patterns or effects, enhancing the ambiance of your space.

Installation and Use

Ease of installation is one of the key advantages of our Neon Strip Accessories. These strips can be easily cut to your desired size and often come with adhesive backing for hassle-free mounting. They have found applications in a wide range of scenarios, including accent lighting, signage, landscape illumination, and artistic installations. Whether you’re decorating your home or sprucing up your business, our Neon Strip Accessories can add a touch of brilliance to any environment.

Energy Efficiency and Lifespan

Kosoom’s Neon Strip Accessories are not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally friendly. They are highly energy-efficient, consuming less power compared to traditional neon lights. Moreover, they have an extended lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements. Their low heat emission also makes them eco-conscious, contributing to a greener future.

Flexibility and Safety

Thanks to their flexibility, our Neon Strip Accessories can be molded into various shapes and designs, making them perfect for customized projects. Safety is a top priority for us, which is why our Neon Strip Accessories operate at lower voltages and eliminate the risks associated with glass tubes and neon gas, ensuring a safer lighting experience.

Outdoor Use

Many of our Neon Strip Accessories are designed to withstand outdoor conditions. However, it’s essential to check the IP rating (Ingress Protection rating) to ensure they meet your specific outdoor requirements. These weather-resistant strips can elevate your outdoor lighting designs, adding a touch of brilliance to your landscapes and architectural elements.


While the initial cost of Neon Strip Accessories may be slightly higher than some alternatives, their long-term cost-effectiveness sets them apart. Their energy efficiency and extended lifespan translate into significant savings over time, making them a smart investment for both residential and commercial spaces.

Kosoom’s Neon Strip Accessories are not just lighting solutions; they are the embodiment of innovation, efficiency, and style. Whether you’re an individual homeowner looking to revamp your living space or a business owner seeking to create a unique ambiance, our Neon Strip Accessories offer endless possibilities.

Stay tuned as we explore various applications, installation guides, and the advantages of choosing Kosoom for your lighting needs in the following sections. We’re here to illuminate your world with our high-efficiency LED lights and provide you with comprehensive lighting solutions.


Now that you’ve gained insight into the remarkable features of Kosoom’s Neon Strip Accessories, let’s dive into the various scenarios and applications where these versatile lighting solutions can truly shine.

Residential Use

In your home, Kosoom’s Neon Strip Accessories can transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones. Use them to create stunning accent lighting in your living room, bedroom, or kitchen. Highlight architectural features, such as alcoves or crown molding, to add depth and character to your interiors. With the ability to customize colors and brightness levels, you can set the perfect mood for any occasion, from cozy movie nights to vibrant parties.

Commercial Applications

Businesses of all kinds can benefit from the versatility of our Neon Strip Accessories. Enhance your retail store’s visual appeal by using these strips to draw attention to product displays or window showcases. Create eye-catching signage that leaves a lasting impression on customers. Restaurants and bars can use them to set the mood, whether it’s a romantic dinner setting or a lively bar atmosphere. Hotels and resorts can employ them for decorative purposes, guiding guests with elegance and style.

Outdoor Ambiance

Elevate the outdoor ambiance of your property with Kosoom’s Neon Strip Accessories. Illuminate pathways, gardens, and outdoor seating areas with weather-resistant strips that can withstand the elements. Enhance the architectural beauty of your building by outlining its features with dynamic lighting effects. Use RGB strips to celebrate special occasions and holidays by changing colors to match the festive spirit.

Artistic Installations

Kosoom’s Neon Strip Accessories are a dream come true for artists and designers. Let your creativity run wild as you incorporate these flexible strips into your artistic installations. Craft captivating sculptures, interactive light displays, or immersive art experiences. With the ability to control colors and patterns, you can bring your artistic visions to life like never before.

Event Lighting

Planning a special event? Our Neon Strip Accessories can be your secret weapon for creating unforgettable atmospheres. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, or music festival, these strips can be used to set the mood, add flair to the stage, or highlight key areas. With a wide range of color options and dynamic effects, you have the power to create an ambiance that matches the event’s theme perfectly.

Architectural Illumination

Architects and designers can take advantage of our Neon Strip Accessories to make architectural masterpieces even more stunning. Illuminate the contours of buildings, bridges, and landmarks with precision. These strips offer the flexibility to follow intricate designs and shapes, allowing you to achieve a level of detail and elegance that was once challenging to attain.

Kosoom’s Neon Strip Accessories are not just lights; they are tools of transformation. Their versatility and adaptability make them suitable for a multitude of applications, helping you create captivating environments that leave a lasting impression. In the next section, we’ll provide you with a detailed installation guide to ensure you can harness the full potential of these lighting solutions.

Installation Guide

Congratulations on choosing Kosoom’s Neon Strip Accessories for your lighting needs! In this comprehensive installation guide, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of installing and maximizing the potential of our Neon Strip Accessories.

Step 1: Gather Your Tools and Materials

Before you begin, make sure you have all the necessary tools and materials:

  • Kosoom’s Neon Strip Accessories
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors or a cutting tool
  • Power source (LED driver or controller)
  • Connectors (if needed)
  • Mounting clips or adhesive tape
  • A clean, dry cloth for surface preparation

Step 2: Plan Your Installation

Decide where you want to install the Neon Strip Accessories. Measure the length of the area you wish to illuminate and cut the strips to the required size using scissors or a cutting tool. Keep in mind that some strips may have designated cut points for precise customization.

Step 3: Surface Preparation

Ensure that the installation surface is clean, dry, and free from dust or debris. Cleaning the surface with a dry cloth will help the adhesive on the back of the strips adhere securely.

Step 4: Attach the Neon Strip Accessories

  • If your strips come with adhesive backing, carefully remove the protective film to expose the adhesive side.
  • Align the strips with the installation surface and gently press them down to ensure good adhesion. If using mounting clips, secure the strips in place with the clips, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 5: Connect the Power Source

Depending on your specific Neon Strip Accessories, you may need an LED driver or controller to power them. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for connecting the strips to the power source. Ensure that the wiring is done correctly to prevent any electrical issues.

Step 6: Test and Customize

After connecting the power source, turn on the Neon Strip Accessories to test their functionality. Most strips come with controllers that allow you to adjust colors, brightness, and lighting patterns. Customize the lighting to your desired settings to create the perfect ambiance.

Step 7: Enjoy Your Illuminated Space

With your Neon Strip Accessories successfully installed and customized, it’s time to bask in the beautiful illumination they provide. Whether you’re using them for accent lighting, signage, or artistic creations, you’ll be amazed at the transformative power of these strips.

Maintenance and Safety Tips:

  • Regularly inspect the strips for any signs of damage or wear and tear.
  • Keep the strips away from direct contact with water unless they are specifically designed for outdoor use.
  • Avoid overloading the power source to prevent overheating or electrical issues.
  • If you encounter any issues or have questions about your installation, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions or contact their customer support for assistance.

By following these installation steps and safety tips, you can ensure a successful and long-lasting experience with Kosoom’s Neon Strip Accessories. Now that you know how to install them, let’s explore the unique advantages of choosing Kosoom for your lighting needs.

Kosoom’s Advantages

At Kosoom, we take pride in delivering lighting solutions that stand out in terms of service, cost-effectiveness, and innovation. Our commitment to excellence has made us a leading brand in commercial lighting. Here are the key advantages that set Kosoom apart from the rest:

A Strong Presence in Europe

Kosoom is an Italian lighting brand with over 20 years of experience in the supply chain. We have established a significant presence in offline operations across Europe, with an annual GMV (Gross Merchandise Value) exceeding 40 million USD. Our extensive infrastructure includes factories, warehouses, and showrooms spanning over 8000 square meters. We are proud to offer direct shipment from our 20,000+ square meter Italian warehouse, ensuring quick and efficient service.

A Dedicated Workforce

Our team at Kosoom comprises over 1000+ dedicated employees who work tirelessly to provide top-notch lighting solutions. In Milan, Italy, we maintain our own integrated warehouse and a network of subsidiaries. We also operate physical stores in various European locations, allowing us to serve our customers with excellence.

Online and Offline Presence

Kosoom’s strategic approach combines online and offline channels. We ship all our products directly within Europe, and we operate an online store to cater to various commercial lighting needs. One of our official websites,, is dedicated to serving customers in the UK.

High-Efficiency LED Lights

Kosoom is at the forefront of producing high-efficiency LED lights. Our products have undergone rigorous quality inspections and adhere to international standards like CE and ROHS. We provide a 3-5 year warranty, ensuring the longevity and reliability of our lighting solutions.

Cost-Effective Pricing

Our robust supply chain enables us to offer wholesale prices that are often 1/2 or even 1/3 of the market price. We are committed to providing cost-effective solutions to our customers. For example, integrated power LED track lights are available for less than 20 euros, offering exceptional value.

Free Lighting Solutions

Unlike many other brands in Europe, Kosoom provides free lighting solutions to our customers. We believe in going the extra mile to ensure you have the right lighting setup for your needs.

Large-Scale Offline Team

With a substantial offline team in Europe, we fulfill orders directly from Italy. Our offline supermarkets in Italy enable us to offer excellent solutions and after-sales service to our European customers.

Factory Ownership and OEM Services

Kosoom owns its factory, ensuring that all the lights we sell are produced in-house. We offer OEM services upon customer request, allowing businesses to customize their lighting solutions.

Professional R&D Team

Our research and development team consists of over 100 people, including senior lighting engineers and designers. We continuously invest in R&D, maintaining international first-class standards and innovation in our equipment.

Global Production Bases

Kosoom operates 8 production bases globally, located in countries like China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Turkey, South Africa, and more. These production bases uphold international manufacturing standards, ensuring the highest quality products.

World-Class Production Equipment

We invest millions of euros annually in equipment maintenance and introduction, maintaining a leading position in lighting manufacturing.

Partnerships with Renowned Suppliers

Kosoom has established deep cooperative relationships with well-known brands such as Bridgelux and Osram, ensuring the quality and reliability of our lighting solutions.

State-of-the-Art Quality Laboratory

Our laboratory includes various testing rooms and equipment, guaranteeing the highest quality standards for our products.

Professional Quality Team and Testing Equipment

Our quality control process is rigorous and detailed, encompassing multiple checks to ensure that every customer receives a flawless product.



About Kosoom

Kosoom is a renowned professional commercial lighting brand from Italy. You know, we've got eight production bases across the globe. It's quite exciting to share that we've collaborated with clients in over 70 countries worldwide. Our address is Via Talamoni, 6, 20861 Brugherio MB, Italy, and you can reach us at + 0395156222.

We offer a wide range of high-quality commercial lighting products and solutions. This includes various LED lights, strip lights, pendant lights, track lights, downlights, spotlights, and more. At Kosoom, we're dedicated to providing our customers with efficient and energy-saving commercial lighting products and solutions. We leverage advanced technology and top-quality products to offer eco-friendly lighting solutions.

And guess what? We also offer custom services. So, if you've got specific lighting needs, we're here to help tailor solutions just for you!

About Price

All of our lighting products are priced to include VAT, offering fantastic value for money. In fact, many of our products are priced at the lowest rates across Europe, which is pretty astonishing! We've got a hefty stockpile ready to go in our Italian warehouse, so as soon as you place an order on the Kosoom online store, we can dispatch it swiftly. And here's the kicker: our prices are even more competitive than those at Tecnomat. If you're a professional or represent a company, do get in touch with us for some exclusive pricing deals.

About Shipping

Our dispatch point is at Via Talamoni, 6, 20861 Brugherio MB, Italy. We'll be sending your items through BRT or another courier service; if you have any special requests, feel free to get in touch with us. We usually ship within 24-48 hours.

Warranty Period for Products

For all our products, except the custom-made ones, we offer a warranty of 3-5 years. Here's our promise: if there's any quality issue with the product, we'll replace it rather than repair it, making sure your rights are fully protected. As for the warranty period for custom-made products, please reach out to us for more information.

Delivery Time

We dispatch all our orders within 24 to 48 hours. If there's ever a delay due to special circumstances, we'll make sure to let you know right away. As for custom products, we'll agree on a delivery time for these bespoke orders with you.

About Returns

Just a heads-up, if there's nothing wrong with the quality of the product, we can't accept returns. However, if there's a quality issue, we're more than happy to offer a refund or exchange. And remember, all our products come with a 3-5 year warranty.

About Invoices

After you place your order, we'll generate an invoice for you. It'll include all the nitty-gritty details like the order number, a detailed list of the products you've purchased, quantities, prices, any applicable taxes or discounts, and the total amount paid. This invoice will be sent to the email address linked with your order. If you've got any specific requests or need an extra copy of the invoice, just reach out to our customer support team. They're always ready to help you out.

What makes Kosoom's lighting products stand out compared to other brands?

Well, if you compare the prices of other brands' lighting products, you'll notice that many of Kosoom's products are among the most affordably priced in Europe. All our products come with a 3-5 year warranty, giving you long-term quality assurance without worrying about potential issues. Moreover, Kosoom's product range is vast and varied, catering to all sorts of lighting needs, including indoor and outdoor lighting. Whether you're looking for the perfect lighting solution for your home, business, or outdoor spaces, we've got a plethora of options to meet the diverse and individual needs of our customers. We're dedicated to creating a bright and cosy lighting environment and continuously strive for excellence in product variety and quality.

Can I become a distributor for Kosoom?

Absolutely! We welcome you to become a distributor for Kosoom. As our partner, you'll enjoy significant discounts and the support of our eight production bases worldwide, enhancing your business competitiveness.

Are there any special offers for professionals in the industry?

A big salute to the professionals and installers in the lighting industry! We truly appreciate your expertise and contributions in the field. To thank you for your support and cooperation, we offer exclusive discounts just for you. Register now to access these special benefits reserved for you.

How can I view or purchase products with different specifications in the same range?

You can easily view or purchase products and accessories with different specifications in the same range by checking the table below the product images on this page.

Is it possible to customize products according to my needs?

We're more than happy to customize products to meet your specific requirements. However, custom production does require time and resources. Therefore, we have a minimum order of 500 units for custom products, and the production cycle will take at least 30 days.

Can I buy just a few lights if that's all I need?

Of course! You're welcome to purchase as many lights as you need, based on your personal preferences and space requirements. Please note that if your order doesn't meet the free shipping threshold, you may need to pay for shipping. It's worth considering buying more products in one go. Not only does this help reach the free shipping limit, but it also better meets your lighting needs. Plus, having a variety of lights can create a richer lighting effect in different spaces, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

Why can't I directly order some products?

Regarding the delivery time for custom products, we ensure that both parties agree on a delivery schedule for the custom order.

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Take advantage of up to 20% discount on bulk purchases
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Welcome to KOSOOM, a professional Italian commercial lighting brand. Here we offer you the most cost-effective lighting products in Europe and a range of professional lighting services. Free Delivery Policy: For orders in Italy, we offer free delivery for orders over 120 Euros. For other regions in Europe, free shipping is available for orders over 200 Euros. Multiple Discount Offers: For orders exceeding 500 Euros, you will receive an additional 2% discount. This increases to 4% for orders over 1000 Euros, and for orders over 3000 Euros, you will enjoy a generous 6% discount. Exclusive Industry Discounts: If you are an electrician, wholesaler, lighting professional, or corporate buyer, we are willing to provide additional discounts based on your specific needs, with bulk discounts of up to 20%. Fast Delivery Service: Our goal is to ship within 24 to 48 hours after your order is confirmed, ensuring you receive it as quickly as possible. Long-term Stable Quality Guarantee: All our lighting products come with a 3-5 year quality guarantee, offering extra assurance for your purchase. Contact Us: If you have any questions or needs, please feel free to contact us. Our phone number is +039 515 6222, and our email is [email protected]. KOSOOM looks forward to providing you with high-quality lighting products and attentive service. Let’s work together to create a bright and warm lighting environment!

KOSOOM is a professional and authoritative Italian commercial lighting company, and we always regard product quality as our top priority. To ensure our lighting products maintain a stable, high-quality standard in the market, KOSOOM has implemented a series of strict quality control measures and substantial resource investment, ensuring each lighting product is meticulously manufactured and rigorously inspected. Quality Inspection Process: Every product undergoes a stringent quality inspection process before leaving the factory. This includes packaging checks, appearance inspections, functional tests, stability checks, safety inspections, and photometric parameter testing, covering color temperature, color rendering index, luminous flux, light distribution curves, power, etc. These actions ensure the optimal lighting performance of our products. We also perform aging tests, ground resistance checks, and pressure resistance tests to verify the product’s stability and durability during prolonged use. KOSOOM Quality Assurance Commitment: We provide a 3-5 year warranty for each product, offering a strong guarantee for our product quality. Should any quality issue arise within the warranty period, our dedicated after-sales service team is always ready to assist you. Notably, if a quality issue occurs during use, we adhere to a “replace, not repair” policy to maximize the protection of your rights. Professional After-Sales Service: Our after-sales customer service team is highly professional, capable of responding promptly to your needs and providing expert solutions. We strictly adhere to our after-sales policy, aiming to ensure you feel secure and confident in purchasing and using our products. KOSOOM is committed to providing customers with excellent value for money and consistent product quality, tirelessly working to ensure you always enjoy a high-quality lighting experience.



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