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What kind of lighting is used in galleries?
According to lighting experts, paintings in art galleries should be illuminated by a single light source, preferably with a spotlight. Gallery lighting should be typically placed at an angle of 30 degrees as it eliminates the risk of glares and long shadows casted by the framesAll the gallery lighting fixtures use COB light sources, designed specifically for illuminating artwork. They are compatible with both single-phase and three-phase track installation, and are easy to install and maintain.The light fixtures can be flexibly adjusted in terms of installation position, illumination direction, and beam angle to meet the changing layout requirements of art exhibitions.Excellent color rendering performance (CRI≥90) is a standard feature of exhibition lighting, as it helps to better present the colors and texture details of artwork to the audience. The gallery lighting fixtures also need to have adjustable brightness and color temperature to match the lighting needs of various styles of artwork.The art gallery lights have a good heat dissipation design, which ensures long-term stable operation.
The following are some suggestions for art gallery lighting design:
Suitable color temperature selection: Art gallery light is more suitable for displaying traditional artwork such as oil paintings and sculptures, with a color temperature between 2700K-3000K. Neutral light is more suitable for modern art, photography, and other works, with a color temperature between 4000K-5000K.Illuminance: The illuminance is usually between 50-200 lux, which highlights the color rendering of artwork details while avoiding strong light damage to artwork.Light direction: Illuminating from the side is beneficial for enhancing the three-dimensional and textural qualities of artwork, and better showcasing the texture and layers of artwork.Avoiding glare: Choosing the appropriate illumination direction can help to avoid direct or reflected light from shining into the eyes, causing glare.Use UV Filter: Ultraviolet light is a harmful light, long-term exposure can cause the color of artwork to fade, yellow or become brittle.