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Explore Kosoom's Hallway Track Lighting category, featuring our premium Kosoom Hallway Track Lighting solutions. Our robust supply chain allows us to offer wholesale prices, often 1/2 or 1/3 of market rates. Electricians in Italy benefit from free shipping on orders exceeding 100 euros, saving up to 30% compared to Tecnomat. Kosoom provides affordable commercial lighting solutions, with member discounts akin to half-off deals. We offer free lighting solutions, unlike other European brands. Our European offline team fulfills orders directly from Italy, ensuring excellent solutions and service. With our factory, certifications, warranty, R&D team, and global presence, we're your go-to for track lighting.

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Kosoom Hallway Track Lighting Introduction

Hallway track lighting has revolutionised the way we illuminate our homes, offering both style and functionality. As one delves into the world of track lighting, the brand “Kosoom” stands out with its specialisation in high-efficiency LED lighting. The latest A-rated lighting efficiency reaches up to 210 lumens per watt, setting a benchmark in the industry. Whether you’re exploring hallway track lighting ideas or seeking solutions for a small hallway, Kosoom ensures optimal brightness and energy conservation. For UK customers, it’s essential to note that track lighting not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also contributes to significant energy savings. From “track lighting in hallway” to “lights for hallways and landings track”, the versatility of these lighting solutions caters to diverse needs, making them a preferred choice for many.

Usage and Applications

Hallway track lighting has become an essential component in modern home and commercial design, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal. This lighting method allows light fixtures to be attached anywhere on a continuous track, providing flexibility in illuminating specific areas or creating mood lighting. For instance, a recent case study showcased a historic building in London where hallway track lighting was used to highlight architectural details without compromising the building’s heritage. Such real-world applications underscore the versatility of track lighting in various settings.

Kosoom, a leading brand in the lighting industry, has introduced innovative hallway track lighting ideas that cater to diverse needs. Beyond hallways, Kosoom also offers solutions for other parts of the home. For instance, their led strip lights for bedroom provide a cozy ambiance, making bedrooms feel warm and inviting. Whether you’re looking to illuminate a narrow corridor with track lighting small hallway solutions or seeking track lighting ideas for hallway spaces that merge with landings, Kosoom has a range of products to fit the bill. According to a 2020 report by Alcon Lighting, track lighting installations have seen a 15% increase in the UK, with homeowners and businesses recognising its benefits.

For those who are keen on exploring different designs, there are options like track light hallway fixtures that can be suspended, or spot lighting bar systems that can be mounted on walls or ceilings, or track lighting in hallway settings that can be mounted on walls or ceilings. The adaptability of these lights for hallways and landings track systems ensures that they can be tailored to individual preferences and spatial requirements.

In conclusion, hallway track lighting offers a blend of design and functionality, making it a preferred choice for many. While hallway track lighting offers a unique way to illuminate spaces, other innovative solutions like led strip lights for stairs can enhance staircases, making them both safe and aesthetically pleasing. With brands like Kosoom leading the way, consumers have a plethora of options to choose from, ensuring that every hallway shines in the best light possible.

Types, Customization and Designs

Hallway track lighting has evolved into a versatile and stylish lighting solution, offering homeowners a plethora of design possibilities. There are various types and designs available, catering to different aesthetic preferences and functional needs. For instance, track lighting can be mounted on ceilings, walls, or even suspended from high vaulted ceilings. There are three standard types of tracks used globally: “H”, “J”, and “L” track, each named after the manufacturers that established the standards, such as Halo, Juno, and Lightolier.

Kosoom, a renowned brand in the lighting industry, brings unique offerings to this category. Their range includes customizable options in terms of length, color, and beam angle, ensuring that every homeowner finds the perfect fit for their hallway. Whether you’re looking for track lighting ideas for a small hallway or seeking lights for hallways and landings track, Kosoom has got you covered.

To further illustrate the design possibilities, visuals can be incorporated, showcasing the myriad ways hallway track lighting can transform a space. From spotlighting artwork to illuminating a long corridor, the design potential is limitless. According to a source, track lighting was invented by Anthony Donato of Lightolier, and he received the first patent related to track lighting in 1961. This historical tidbit underscores the innovation and evolution of track lighting over the years.

For those in the UK seeking authoritative data, it’s noteworthy that track lighting systems often have line voltage running through a recessed track, allowing multiple switched circuits to control different fittings on the same track. This flexibility ensures optimal lighting conditions tailored to individual needs.

In conclusion, hallway track lighting, especially from brands like Kosoom, offers a blend of functionality and style. With numerous customization options available, homeowners can truly make a statement with their lighting choices.

Comparison with Other Lighting Types

When it comes to illuminating spaces, especially hallways, the advantages of hallway track lighting over traditional lighting options are undeniable. Firstly, LED technology, which is often used in track lighting, is today’s most energy-efficient and rapidly-developing lighting technology. According to a report from Energy.gov, residential LEDs use at least 75% less energy and can last up to 25 times longer than incandescent lighting. This translates to significant cost savings for homeowners. By 2035, energy savings from LED lighting in the US alone could reach an astounding 569 TWh annually, equivalent to the annual output of over 92 1,000 MW power plants. For UK customers, this means reduced energy bills and a greener carbon footprint. Moreover, the directional nature of LEDs makes them perfect for hallway track lighting ideas, ensuring that every corner of your hallway is well-lit without wasting energy. Kosoom, a leading brand in the lighting industry, offers products that not only harness the power of LED technology but also provide cost-effective solutions for homeowners. Whether you’re considering track lighting for a small hallway or exploring lights for hallways and landings track, Kosoom’s range ensures quality, durability, and most importantly, energy and cost savings.

Installation Guides

Installing hallway track lighting can transform your space, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Here’s a step-by-step guide to ensure a smooth installation process:

  1. Choose the Right Spot: Begin by determining where you want your track lighting. For hallways, it’s essential to ensure even spacing to provide uniform illumination.
  2. Wiring: Before starting, turn off the electricity. Use a circuit tester to ensure no current is flowing. Connect the track lighting’s wires to your home’s wires – typically, black to black, white to white, and green or bare to ground.
  3. Mount the Track: Secure the track to the ceiling. Most track lighting systems come with brackets that slide into the track. Once slid in, you can screw the brackets into the ceiling.
  4. Attach the Fixtures: Once the track is secured, clip in the light fixtures. These should snap into place and can be adjusted as per your hallway track lighting ideas.
  5. Placement and Spacing: For optimal illumination, space the lights approximately 2 to 3 feet apart. For track lighting in hallway settings that merge with landings, consider lights for hallways and landings track systems to ensure continuous lighting.
  6. Test: Turn the electricity back on and test your lights. Adjust the direction of each light to your preference.


  • For narrow corridors, consider track lighting small hallway solutions to avoid overwhelming the space.
  • Always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines. If you’ve chosen Kosoom’s products, their detailed manuals provide additional insights tailored to their products.
  • Ensure you have all necessary tools on hand before starting the installation.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

When it comes to hallway track lighting, the voice of our customers speaks volumes. We’ve had the privilege of receiving numerous positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied homeowners across the UK. One customer mentioned, “I walked in, and was shown my options and in the end took the sales woman’s suggestion on hallway lights. They are great! Quick expedited shipment of the fixtures and everything was as expected.” Another shared, “I have been working with Sam for about 1-1/2 years. I bought most of the lighting for a real estate condominium development project through Sam. Estimated spend approx $150,000. Sam is a pleasure to work with – knowledgeable, professional, pleasant courteous.”

Kosoom, as a leading brand in the lighting industry, values these testimonials as they reflect our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We encourage all our customers to share their experiences, whether it’s about hallway track lighting ideas, track lighting for a small hallway, or any other product. Your feedback helps us improve and serve you better.

If you’re considering track lighting for your hallway, these testimonials offer a glimpse into the quality and service you can expect from Kosoom. We invite you to explore our range and join our community of satisfied customers.

Maintenance and Care

Ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your hallway track lighting requires regular maintenance and care. To keep your lighting fixtures shining bright, it’s essential to clean them periodically. Use a soft, damp cloth to wipe away any dust or debris from the surface. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, as they can damage the finish or the LED components. If you notice any flickering or dimming in the lights, it might be an indication of a loose connection or a worn-out bulb. Always turn off the power before attempting any troubleshooting. For replacements, it’s advisable to stick with the brand you trust. Kosoom offers a range of compatible bulbs and parts that ensure seamless integration with their hallway track lighting systems. Remember, regular maintenance not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your lighting but also ensures energy efficiency, leading to reduced energy bills. For those exploring track lighting ideas for hallway or other spaces, always refer to the product manual or consult with professionals for specific care instructions.

Environmental Impact

In the realm of lighting solutions, hallway track lighting, especially when equipped with LED technology, stands out not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for its environmental benefits. LED lighting, as a cornerstone of Kosoom’s product range, is known to produce light up to 90% more efficiently than traditional incandescent bulbs. This efficiency is achieved as LEDs emit light when an electrical current passes through a microchip, illuminating the tiny light sources without producing excessive heat. This process significantly reduces energy consumption, leading to a decrease in carbon emissions.

Furthermore, LEDs are renowned for their longevity. Unlike incandescent bulbs that burn out, LEDs experience ‘lumen depreciation’, meaning they dim gradually over time. This extended lifespan results in reduced waste, as fewer replacements are needed. In the UK, it’s estimated that if every household made the switch to LED lighting, millions of tonnes of carbon emissions could be saved annually.

Moreover, Kosoom ensures that its LED products adhere to eco-friendly practices. Many of their hallway track lighting solutions have earned the ENERGY STAR certification, a testament to their quality and environmental standards. This certification ensures that the products not only save energy but also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, contributing positively to the fight against climate change.

For those keen on making sustainable choices, it’s worth noting that LED lights contain no hazardous or toxic materials, making them safe for the environment. They’re also recyclable, further reducing their environmental footprint. As the demand for sustainable solutions grows in the UK, integrating LED-based hallway track lighting from brands like Kosoom is a step in the right direction for both homeowners and the planet.

Buying Guides

Navigating the world of hallway track lighting can be overwhelming, especially with the plethora of options available. That’s where our comprehensive buying guides come into play. Designed to assist you in making informed decisions, our guides delve deep into the various types of track lighting suitable for hallways, from the energy-efficient LED options to the aesthetic considerations of track lighting ideas for hallways.

Kosoom is dedicated to ensuring that our customers are well-informed. Our guides compare the pros, cons, and running costs of different types of light bulbs, from LED to halogen and energy-savers, ensuring you choose the right fit for your space. For those keen on integrating modern technology, we also touch upon smart lighting, which can be controlled remotely, offering both convenience and energy efficiency.

Whether you’re looking to illuminate a small hallway or seeking lights for hallways and landings track, our buying guides cover it all. We also provide insights on the brightness levels suitable for different spaces, with recommendations ranging from 300-400 lumens per square metre for ambient lighting to 700-800 lumens for areas requiring brighter illumination.

In the realm of hallway track lighting, knowledge is power. Let our buying guides be your compass, leading you to the perfect lighting solution for your home.

Advantages of Kosoom

In the vast realm of lighting, Kosoom emerges as a beacon of excellence. An Italian lighting brand headquartered in Milan, Kosoom has carved a niche in commercial lighting, particularly in hallway track lighting. With two decades of dedication to the supply chain, Kosoom’s expertise is evident in its products that combine both quality and cost-effectiveness.

Who are we? Kosoom’s journey began 20 years ago in Milan, Italy, and since then, it has expanded its footprint globally. Today, with 12 factories worldwide and a workforce of over 1000+ employees, the brand’s commitment to excellence remains unwavering. A testament to its growth is its strong offline presence in Europe, with physical stores spread across the continent. This offline strategy, combined with a robust online presence, including a dedicated website for the UK market, kosoom.uk, ensures that customers have seamless access to high-efficiency LED lighting solutions.

Our Advantages: Kosoom’s strengths lie not just in its products but also in its unparalleled service. The brand’s robust supply chain allows it to offer products at prices that are often half or even a third of the market rate. For instance, integrated power LED track lights are priced at less than 20 euros, a testament to the brand’s commitment to affordability. Electricians, in particular, benefit from Kosoom’s offerings. Purchases exceeding 100 euros in Italy come with free shipping, and the prices are about 30% lower than competitors like Tecnomat. Moreover, Kosoom’s commercial products for mainstream applications are stocked abundantly, ensuring electricians get value for money.

Furthermore, while other brands in Europe might charge for lighting solutions, Kosoom offers them for free. Their large-scale offline team in Europe ensures that orders are fulfilled directly from Italy, guaranteeing timely deliveries and exceptional after-sales service. Owning its factories, Kosoom ensures that every light sold is produced in-house, reflecting the brand’s commitment to quality. This dedication is further solidified with all the necessary LED light certifications in Europe and a generous 5-year warranty.

In conclusion, whether you’re exploring track lighting ideas for hallway or seeking efficient lighting solutions, Kosoom’s blend of quality, affordability, and service makes it a preferred choice in the lighting industry.


  1. Can you put track lighting in a hallway?
    • Yes, track lighting can be an excellent choice for hallways, allowing for flexibility in illuminating specific areas or creating mood lighting.
  2. What is the best lighting for hallway?
    • The best lighting for hallways often depends on the size and design of the space. However, a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting, such as wall sconces, pendant lights, and track lighting, can provide optimal illumination.
  3. What is the best lighting for a small hallway?
    • For small hallways, it’s advisable to use lighting that doesn’t overwhelm the space. Recessed lighting, slim track lights, or wall-mounted fixtures can be ideal choices.
  4. What is an alternative to track lighting?
    • Alternatives to track lighting include recessed lighting, pendant lights, chandeliers, wall sconces, and flush-mount ceiling lights. The choice depends on the desired aesthetic and functionality.