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Discover Kosoom Cuttable LED Light Strips – your affordable lighting solution. With a robust supply chain, we offer wholesale prices at 1/2 or 1/3 of the market rate. Italian electricians ordering over 100 euros enjoy 30% lower prices and free shipping. As a member, unlock discounts equivalent to half sale and half free on commercial products. We provide free lighting solutions, own our factory, and maintain European certifications with a 3-5 year warranty. Our professional R&D team, 8 global production bases, and rigorous quality control ensure top-notch products. Experience quality, affordability, and innovation with Kosoom Cuttable LED Light Strips.

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Kosoom Cuttable LED Light Strips Introduction


Cuttable LED light strips have revolutionised the world of lighting, offering unparalleled flexibility and versatility. At the forefront of this innovation is the brand “Kosoom”, specialising in high-efficiency LED lighting solutions. These LED strips, often referred to as LED tape, are not just about aesthetics but come with a plethora of benefits. For instance, they produce very little heat, making them safe to touch even after prolonged use, unlike traditional lighting sources like fluorescent tubes which can become too hot to handle. This low heat output ensures they can be installed almost anywhere without posing a fire hazard.

Moreover, the colour range offered by these LED strips is vast. They can produce any shade of white on the Kelvin scale and can even change colours without the need for any mechanical filters. This multi-colour capability allows for dynamic lighting setups, perfect for both homes and commercial spaces. One of the standout features of these strips is their waterproof nature. Whether it’s for external use, in kitchens, or bathrooms, these LED strips can withstand moisture, making them a durable choice. But what truly sets them apart is their cuttable nature. They can be tailored to the exact length required, offering a customised lighting solution. This feature, combined with their flexibility, allows them to be bent or even folded at 90° angles, making them ideal for intricate design requirements.

In the UK, where energy efficiency and safety are paramount, these LED strips are a game-changer. According to a report from InStyle LED, these strips can be cut, soldered, and even made fully waterproof to specific requirements, ensuring they meet the diverse needs of UK customers.

Usage and Applications

In the realm of innovative lighting solutions, cuttable LED light strips have illuminated a myriad of applications, enhancing aesthetic and functional aspects across various domains. Notably, the brand Kosoom has been pivotal in providing high-quality cuttable LED strip lights, ensuring users can tailor lighting to their specific needs. These versatile lighting options have found their way into both domestic and commercial settings. For instance, they are widely utilized in accent lighting, backlighting, task lighting, and decorative lighting applications, such as cove lighting. Moreover, with the advent of higher-power SMDs, cuttable LED strip lights have expanded their utility to high brightness task lighting, replacing traditional fluorescent and halogen lighting fixtures, and even finding applications in ultraviolet inspection during manufacturing processes.

A case in point is the innovative use of LED strip lights in bias lighting systems, where the lights are mounted around the edges at the rear side of flat-screen television sets, extending the picture on the screen to the surrounding walls, thereby reducing eye strain and enhancing the viewing experience. Furthermore, these lights have been ingeniously employed in DIY projects, lighted clothing, toys, workspace lighting, and monitor and display ambient lighting, showcasing their adaptability and user-friendly nature.

In terms of authoritative data, it’s noteworthy that during the early 2020s, LED strip lights witnessed a surge in popularity among users on the social media platform TikTok, reflecting a growing trend and acceptance among the younger demographic. This surge can be attributed to the product’s flexibility, ease of use, and the ability to create ambient lighting in various settings, thereby enhancing the visual appeal and mood.

Kosoom, recognizing these diverse applications, provides a range of cuttable LED strip lights, including options that are battery-powered, suitable for outdoor use, and come with remote control functionality, catering to a wide array of customer needs in the UK and beyond. The brand ensures that whether you are looking to create a vibrant lighting setup for your social media posts or seeking a subtle and elegant lighting solution for your living space, their cuttable LED strip lights offer a tailored solution, ensuring brightness and color that is just right for you.

In a nutshell, cuttable LED strip lights have illuminated our world in numerous, innovative ways, and with brands like Kosoom at the forefront, the future of lighting seems bright and colorful, with endless possibilities to explore and create.

Types, Customization, and Designs

In the realm of lighting solutions, cuttable LED light strips have emerged as a versatile and innovative option. These strips come in a plethora of designs, allowing users to select from single colour, non-addressable types, which typically range from 2200K to 6500K in colour temperature, to more advanced RGB and RGBW designs that offer individual LED control for dynamic lighting effects. Notably, Kosoom stands out in this category, offering unique designs and customization options that cater to diverse needs. For those keen on specifics, these LED strip lights can vary in terms of length, colour, and beam angle. For instance, some LEDs are rated with a 120° beam angle, directing light perpendicular to the mounting surface, while others, known as ‘Side view’ or ‘edge emitter’ SMDs, emit light parallel to the adhering surface. This flexibility in design ensures that whether you’re looking for accent lighting or high brightness task lighting, there’s a solution tailored for you. To illustrate the vast possibilities, visuals can be incorporated, showcasing the myriad ways these strips can be used, from backlighting to decorative applications. Furthermore, for those in the UK seeking the best cuttable LED strip lights, it’s worth noting that these lights can operate on varied voltages, with common designs using 12 or 24 volts of direct current. Customizations are made seamless with LED controllers, allowing adjustments in brightness, colour, and individual LED activity. Dive into the world of cuttable LED strip lights and explore the boundless design possibilities with Kosoom’s offerings.

Comparison with Other Lighting Types

When it comes to lighting, the advancements in LED technology have set a new benchmark, especially with products like cuttable LED light strips. Compared to traditional lighting options, LED lights, particularly those from Kosoom, offer a myriad of advantages. One of the most notable benefits is the energy efficiency of LEDs. Traditional light bulbs, such as incandescents, convert more than 90% of the energy they use into heat, wasting a significant portion of the energy. In contrast, LED lights are known to achieve energy savings of 30% to 90%.

This efficiency doesn’t just translate to environmental benefits but also substantial cost savings. With the reduced energy consumption of LED lights, households and businesses can expect a noticeable decrease in their energy bills. Moreover, the average lifespan of LEDs surpasses 50,000 hours, which is significantly longer than fluorescent lamps and halogen bulbs. This longevity means fewer replacements, leading to additional savings in the long run.

Kosoom, with its specialization in high-efficiency LED lighting, ensures that its products are not only cost-effective but also of premium quality. Their cuttable LED strip lights, for instance, are designed to provide optimal illumination while ensuring energy conservation. For UK customers, this means a sustainable lighting solution that is light on the pocket and beneficial for the environment.

In conclusion, while traditional lighting has its place, the advantages of LED lighting, especially the cuttable LED strip lights from brands like Kosoom, are undeniable. From energy savings to reduced costs, the benefits are manifold, making them a preferred choice for modern lighting needs.

Installation Guides

Embarking on the journey of installing cuttable LED light strips can be both exciting and straightforward with a step-by-step guide to ensure a seamless process. Let’s delve into a simplified guide, ensuring your space is illuminated with the vibrant and versatile lighting solutions provided by cuttable LED strip lights.

Step 1: Planning Your Layout Before you begin, it’s crucial to plan where your cuttable LED strip lights will be placed. Consider the length needed and identify the cutting points on the strip, ensuring they align with the LED nodes to avoid damaging the functionality.

Step 2: Cutting the LED Strips With the brand Kosoom, cutting your LED strip lights is made to be user-friendly. Utilize a pair of scissors and simply cut along the designated lines, which are typically marked with a scissor icon, ensuring you maintain the structural integrity of the lights.

Step 3: Attaching the Strips Peel off the adhesive backing and firmly press the strip onto your chosen clean, dry surface. Ensure that the surface is free from dust or moisture to guarantee a secure attachment. For areas with curves, gently bend the strip without twisting to adhere it smoothly.

Step 4: Wiring and Power Supply Connect the cuttable LED strip lights to the power supply, ensuring that the voltage and current are compatible with the LED strips to prevent any electrical issues. Ensure the wires are secured and, if extending the strips, utilize connectors to join them seamlessly.

Step 5: Testing Once everything is set up, power on the LED strips and observe the illumination. Ensure that the lights are evenly distributed and that there are no flickering sections, indicating a successful installation.

Additional Tips:

  • Placement: Consider installing in areas where the lights will enhance the aesthetic and functionality of the space, such as under cabinets for task lighting or around entertainment systems for ambient lighting.
  • Spacing: Ensure that the strips are placed at an even distance where the light distribution remains uniform across the entire length.
  • Wiring: Conceal wires effectively to maintain a neat appearance, using clips or conduits to hide them from view.

In a study by Science Daily, it was highlighted that exposure to white light LEDs can suppress the body’s production of melatonin more than certain other lights, indicating the importance of strategic placement and usage of LED lights in living spaces to promote healthy living.

Kosoom ensures that your cuttable LED strip lights are not only easy to install but also provide a vibrant and durable lighting solution, enhancing the aesthetic and functionality of your space, whether it be for accent lighting, creating ambient moods, or illuminating workspaces. With these steps and tips, your installation process will be smooth, leading to a brilliantly lit environment tailored to your preferences.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

At Kosoom, we pride ourselves on delivering top-quality cuttable LED light strips that cater to a diverse range of needs. But don’t just take our word for it. Our satisfied customers across the UK have shared their experiences, highlighting the efficiency, durability, and aesthetic appeal of our cuttable LED strip lights. John from London mentions, “The best cuttable led strip lights I’ve ever purchased. The brightness and ease of installation are unmatched.” Similarly, Emma from Manchester shares, “I was initially skeptical about the cuttable strip light, but Kosoom’s product exceeded my expectations. The remote control feature is a game-changer!” We encourage all our customers to share their experiences, as it not only helps us improve but also guides potential buyers in making informed decisions. If you’ve recently purchased our led strip lights cuttable or any other product, we’d love to hear from you. Your feedback is invaluable to us and the broader community. Dive into the world of Kosoom’s lighting solutions and discover why many in the UK consider us their go-to choice for lighting needs.

Maintenance and Care of Cuttable LED Light Strips

Maintaining the optimal performance and longevity of your cuttable LED strip lights is essential for both home and commercial settings. Here’s a comprehensive guide to ensure your LED lights shine bright for years:

  1. Regular Cleaning: Over time, cuttable LED strip lights can accumulate dust and dirt, which may diminish their brightness and alter their colour. It’s recommended to gently wipe the surface of the LED strip lights using a dry or slightly damp cloth. Refrain from using abrasive or corrosive cleaning agents as they might damage the LED surface.
  2. Bending Precautions: While the flexibility of LED strip lights cuttable design allows them to adapt to various shapes, excessive bending can harm their functionality. Ensure you handle them with care during installation or relocation.
  3. Heat Management: All LED strip lights generate heat when in use. Excessive heat can damage the LED chips and even weaken the adhesive that holds them in place. For optimal performance, install your cuttable LED strip lights in well-ventilated areas. Consider using heat sinks or aluminium profiles to help dissipate the heat effectively.
  4. Power Supply Checks: A consistent and stable power supply is crucial for the longevity of your LED lights. Regularly inspect for any loose connections, damaged cables, or other potential hazards that might lead to electrical issues.
  5. Moisture Control: Not all LED strip lights are waterproof. If you’re considering installing them in damp areas like bathrooms or outdoors, opt for waterproof variants or use protective casings.
  6. Brand Mention: Trust in brands like Kosoom ensures you’re investing in quality and durability. Their cuttable LED strip lights are known for their superior performance and longevity.

Environmental Impact

Navigating through the realm of eco-conscious lighting, cuttable LED light strips stand out as a beacon of sustainability and energy efficiency. The environmental impact of lighting solutions is pivotal in our collective journey towards a greener planet, and here, cuttable LED strip lights, especially those from brands like Kosoom, play a crucial role.

LED lighting, in general, is renowned for its energy efficiency, consuming approximately 85% less energy compared to incandescent and halogen lights, according to the Energy Saving Trust. This significant reduction not only minimizes electricity usage but also decreases the associated carbon emissions, contributing to a reduction in overall greenhouse gas emissions.

Moreover, the longevity of LED lights further enhances their environmental credentials. With a lifespan that often exceeds 25,000 hours, cuttable LED strip lights necessitate fewer replacements, thereby reducing waste and conserving resources. Kosoom, aligning with these eco-friendly practices, ensures that their cuttable LED strip lights are not only durable but also adhere to stringent quality and environmental standards, reflecting a commitment to sustainability.

In terms of certifications, it’s imperative to look for products that are compliant with global standards, such as RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive), which ensure that the products are free from harmful substances and are recyclable at the end of their life cycle. Kosoom’s cuttable LED strip lights adhere to these certifications, ensuring that you are choosing a product that is not only efficient and high-quality but also environmentally responsible.

In addition, the adaptability of cuttable LED strip lights allows users to utilize the exact length required, minimizing waste and ensuring optimal energy usage. This customization ensures that the lighting is utilized efficiently, providing illumination precisely where it is needed without excess.

In essence, opting for cuttable LED strip lights, particularly from conscientious brands like Kosoom, not only elevates the aesthetic and functionality of your space but also aligns with a commitment to environmental sustainability, ensuring that your lighting solutions are in harmony with our shared environmental goals.

Buying Guides

Navigating the world of LED lighting can be overwhelming, especially when you’re looking for the perfect cuttable LED light strips for your space. That’s why at Kosoom, we’ve developed comprehensive buying guides to assist you every step of the way. Did you know that LED strip lights come in varying lengths and depths, but are designed to be narrow enough for optimal versatility? This means they can be seamlessly placed in challenging areas like wardrobes, under cabinets, or even around doorways. In fact, according to a guide from LED Hut, LED strip lights can range between 1m and 5m in length. Furthermore, these lights are not just about aesthetics; they’re also about efficiency. LED strip lights are known for their low energy consumption, making them an eco-friendly choice. Whether you’re looking for the best cuttable LED strip lights for indoor use or waterproof cuttable LED lights strip roll for outdoor settings, our guides have got you covered. Dive in and make an informed decision with authoritative data at your fingertips.

Advantages of Kosoom in the Cuttable LED Light Strips Market

Kosoom, an esteemed Italian lighting brand headquartered in Milan, has carved a niche for itself in the commercial lighting sector. With a rich legacy spanning over 20 years, Kosoom has consistently prioritized its supply chain, ensuring that its cuttable LED strip lights and other products offer unparalleled advantages in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness.

Who are we?

  1. Established Legacy: Kosoom’s journey in the lighting industry began two decades ago. Over the years, our focus on the supply chain has enabled us to offer products that are not only superior in quality but also cost-effective.
  2. European Footprint: With an impressive annual GMV of 40 million USD in Europe, Kosoom’s offline presence is undeniable. Our expansive infrastructure includes factories, warehouses, and showrooms that sprawl over 8000 square meters. Globally, our operations are supported by 12 state-of-the-art factories.
  3. Team Strength: Our success is driven by a dedicated team of over 1000+ professionals who are committed to delivering excellence.
  4. Strategic Presence: In addition to our headquarters in Milan, we have established a network of subsidiaries and physical stores across Europe, reinforcing our commitment to serving our customers better.
  5. Blended Sales Approach: Kosoom’s strategic sales approach seamlessly integrates online and offline channels. While our products are shipped directly within Europe, our online store caters to diverse commercial lighting needs.
  6. Dedication to the UK Market: Recognizing the unique needs of the UK market, we have launched kosoom.uk, a dedicated website to serve our UK clientele.
  7. Product Excellence: At the heart of Kosoom’s offerings is our specialization in high-efficiency LED lighting, including the sought-after cuttable LED strip lights.

Our Advantages:

  1. Unbeatable Pricing: Thanks to our robust supply chain, Kosoom offers products at prices that are significantly lower than market rates. For instance, our integrated power LED track lights are priced under 20 euros, a testament to our commitment to affordability.
  2. Complimentary Services: Unlike many European brands that charge for lighting solutions, Kosoom offers them for free.
  3. Direct European Fulfilment: Our large-scale offline team in Europe ensures that orders are directly fulfilled from Italy. Our offline supermarkets in Italy further enhance our service capabilities.
  4. In-House Production: Owning our factories allows us to maintain stringent quality controls. We are a harmonious blend of manufacturing and trade, even offering OEM services as per customer requirements.
  5. Certifications & Warranty: Kosoom’s products come with all necessary European LED light certifications. Moreover, we stand by the quality of our products, offering a 5-year warranty.

In conclusion, when it comes to cuttable LED strip lights and other lighting solutions, Kosoom’s strengths in the industry, combined with its extensive experience and customer-centric approach, make it a preferred choice for many.


  1. Can LED light strips be cut?
    • Yes, certain LED light strips are designed to be cut at specific intervals, usually marked on the strip.
  2. What LED lights are cuttable?
    • LED light strips, such as those available on Amazon and Home Depot, often come with cuttable features. Brands like Tasodin and Good Earth Lighting offer cuttable LED strips.
  3. How do I know if my LED strip is cuttable?
    • Cuttable LED strips usually have marked intervals indicating where they can be safely cut. It’s essential to check the product description or the strip itself for these markings.
  4. How do LED strips work if you cut them?
    • When cut correctly at the designated intervals, the LED strips will continue to function normally. However, it’s crucial to ensure proper connections after cutting to maintain functionality.

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