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Kosoom Retail Store Lighting Introduction

For ordinary department stores and other retail stores, bright and uniform lighting is usually required. This retail store lighting scheme typically uses embedded panel lights, linear lights, and spotlights evenly distributed throughout the space to achieve a bright and uniform effect. LED lights for retail store is beneficial for improving product recognition and guiding customers through the store to increase foot traffic and sales.For boutique stores, clothing stores, and brand stores, a combination of different lighting techniques is usually employed to illuminate the retail space. This lighting in retail stores scheme focuses on using embedded spotlights or track spotlights to highlight products and attract customers’ attention and then uses LED light strips or small spotlights to create localized lighting and an overall ambient environment that provides a comfortable and warm feeling, enhancing customers’ shopping experience. LED light strips or track spotlights are also used to highlight the unique areas of the store, further enhancing the store’s brand image.For creative stores, LED light strips or linear lighting are usually used to illuminate the space while creating interesting lighting designs that guide customers into the store. This approach is beneficial for increasing customer engagement and encouraging customers to stay longer in the store.recommendations for LED lighting for retail stores: Appropriate illumination: For department stores and other retail stores, illumination should be between 1000Lx-2000Lx to attract customers and facilitate quick shopping. For boutique stores, illumination should be between 200Lx-500Lx, with a ratio of 3:1-6:1 between aisle areas and product display areas. For example, aisle areas may be 100Lx, and product display areas should have targeted lighting at 300Lx-600Lx. The appropriate illumination level depends on the type of store and the lighting scheme design.Appropriate color temperature: For department stores and other retail stores, the recommended color temperature is 4000K-4500K. For boutique stores, the recommended color temperature is 3000K-3500K.Glare control: Glare control is critical for all retail store spaces as it directly affects customers’ shopping experience. To prevent glare, lighting fixtures should be adjusted in location or soft lighting fixtures should be selected.