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Are LED lights better for the office?
In recent years, LED office lights have come into favor as an energy-efficient alternative to fluorescent lights. While led lights for offices may be slightly more expensive than fluorescent ones, when used in an office, they’re likely to save a company money in the long term.For typical office lighting, we need uniform and soft lighting, usually achieved by installing embedded panel lights or linear lights evenly on the ceiling. Linear lights offer more options than embedded panel lights, as they can be embedded into the ceiling, mounted on the ceiling without a suspended ceiling, or suspended in the air of the office, depending on your lighting plan.For high-end offices, various lighting methods are usually combined, such as using light strips or spotlights to illuminate specific areas and create an ambient atmosphere, using linear lights suspended above the desk for task lighting, and using spotlights in rest areas and corridors to create contrasting artistic atmosphere. This combination of lighting can ensure work efficiency while creating a multi-layered space.For creative offices, linear lighting or light strips are often used to create more interesting lighting effects, and customizable office lighting fixtures can also be used to enhance the space.Recessed panel lights, linear lights, cylinder lights, and spotlights can all be used for office corridor lighting. Panel lights, linear lights, and cylinder lights typically create a uniform and soft environment, while spotlights can create a more layered environment. Adjustable-angle spotlights can also be used to illuminate corridor murals or artwork to enhance corporate image.
recommendations for led office lighting:
Appropriate brightness: Bright lighting is conducive to professional work and improves work efficiency, but it is necessary to avoid eye fatigue caused by excessive brightness. We recommend maintaining an illuminance of 300Lx-500Lx on the desktop.Appropriate color temperature: Low color temperature can make people too relaxed and unable to concentrate, while high color temperature can keep people alert. To enable employees to work efficiently for a long time and avoid fatigue or eye diseases, we recommend selecting a color temperature between 3500K-4500K and adjusting it with time.Anti-glare design: Glare is an important factor that causes eye fatigue and affects eye health. We need to avoid it by adjusting the installation position of the lighting fixtures or adding soft lighting fixtures to the options.