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Kosoom Restaurant Lighting Introduction

What is the use of restaurant lighting?
restaurant lighting usually use decorative chandeliers for dining lighting. Now, there is a new implementation method that installs embedded downlights above the dining table. This can provide you with a neat ceiling, while also avoiding the risk of collision. However, we recommend using embedded spotlights in restaurants with lower ceilings.
LED light strips are an essential part of the restaurant, which can be used to locally illuminate decorations to enhance the atmosphere. It can also be used as a partial focus lighting when installed in the wine cabinet. According to the characteristics of your space, you can even use LED light strips with aluminum profiles to blend into the decoration and achieve unexpected effects.
Recommendations for restaurant lighting fixtures:
Layered lighting: Use embedded spotlights, track spotlights, chandeliers, and LED light strips in combination to set up basic environmental lighting, dining focus lighting, and decorative lighting separately for the restaurant. This can make the space more layered and create a relaxed and comfortable dining atmosphere.
Illuminance selection: interior restaurant lighting Usually choose 150Lx-500Lx. The entrance area uses bright light to attract customers, and it is recommended to choose 500LX. The aisle area meets the passage and it is recommended to choose 150LX. The dining area usually has an illuminance ratio of 3:1 compared to the aisle area, and the illuminance selection is between 300lx-500lx. 
Color rendering index: commercial lighting for restaurants Choose lamps with a CRI higher than 90, which is conducive to presenting food colors and details. Customer feedback shows that when dining in a space with a CRI greater than 90, appetite is better and food looks more delicious.
Glare control: restaurant table lighting Glare control is very important to enhance the customer’s dining experience. We need to pay special attention to the installation position and illumination angle of the lamps to avoid causing glare to the customer’s eyes.