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Welcome to Kosoom Shop Ceiling Lights, where quality meets affordability. Benefit from wholesale prices at 1/2 or even 1/3 of the market rate, plus free shipping for electricians ordering over 100 euros in Italy. Our factory-direct approach ensures prices approximately 30% lower than Tecnomat. Enjoy free lighting solutions, direct European fulfillment, and a 3-5 year warranty on all products meeting CE and ROHS standards. With over 100 R&D experts and 8 global production bases, Kosoom guarantees world-class lighting solutions. Experience excellence with Kosoom today.

Kosoom Shop Ceiling Lights Introduction


Welcome to our collection of shop ceiling lights by Kosoom! Our aim is to illuminate your space with efficiency, style, and durability. At Kosoom, we pride ourselves on producing high-efficiency LED lights that not only brighten up your environment but also contribute to energy savings and sustainability efforts.

Our shop ceiling lights are designed to provide optimal illumination for various commercial and industrial settings, including retail stores, warehouses, workshops, and more. Whether you need bright, focused lighting for task-oriented work or softer ambient lighting for a welcoming atmosphere, we have the perfect solution for your needs.

Our LED ceiling shop lights boast advanced technology that ensures long-lasting performance and reliability. With Kosoom, you can trust that you’re investing in lighting solutions that will enhance your space for years to come.


Our shop ceiling LED lights are versatile and can be used in a variety of scenarios:

  1. Retail Stores: Illuminate product displays and aisles to enhance visibility and draw attention to merchandise.
  2. Warehouses: Provide bright, uniform lighting to ensure safety and efficiency in storage and inventory management.
  3. Workshops: Illuminate workbenches and machinery for enhanced productivity and accuracy.
  4. Showrooms: Create an inviting atmosphere to showcase products and entice customers.
  5. Offices: Brighten up workspaces and meeting areas for improved focus and productivity.

With their adjustable brightness and color temperature settings, our LED ceiling shop lights can be customized to suit different environments and tasks, making them ideal for a wide range of applications.

Installation Guide

Installing our shop ceiling lights is quick and easy! Follow these simple steps:

  1. Preparation: Turn off the power to the existing light fixture at the circuit breaker. Use a voltage tester to ensure that the power is off before proceeding.
  2. Remove Old Fixture: Unscrew and remove the old light fixture from the ceiling. Disconnect the wires and remove any mounting hardware.
  3. Mounting Bracket: Install the mounting bracket included with your Kosoom shop ceiling light. Secure it to the ceiling using screws and anchors, if necessary.
  4. Wiring: Connect the wires from the ceiling to the corresponding wires on the light fixture. Use wire nuts to secure the connections and ensure they are tight.
  5. Attach Fixture: Align the holes on the fixture with the mounting bracket and secure it in place using screws.
  6. Finishing Touches: Install any additional accessories or trim pieces included with your light fixture. Restore power at the circuit breaker and test the light to ensure it’s working properly.

For more detailed instructions specific to your light fixture model, refer to the installation manual included in the packaging.

Kosoom’s Advantages

Choosing Kosoom for your shop ceiling lighting needs comes with several advantages:

  1. Energy Efficiency: Our LED lights consume significantly less energy than traditional lighting technologies, resulting in lower electricity bills and reduced carbon emissions.
  2. Longevity: With a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours or more, our LED lights require minimal maintenance and replacement, saving you time and money in the long run.
  3. Quality Assurance: Each Kosoom product undergoes rigorous testing and quality control measures to ensure superior performance and reliability.
  4. Customization: We offer a wide range of options, including different sizes, shapes, and color temperatures, allowing you to find the perfect lighting solution for your space.
  5. Environmentally Friendly: LED lights contain no hazardous materials and are fully recyclable, contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.

Experience the difference that Kosoom shop ceiling LED lights can make in your space today!