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Kosoom Customize Introduction

We offer three types of custom led lighting.
The first is standard product customization: based on our existing lighting fixtures, we can modify parameters such as the color of the fixture, light source brand, light source power, display color temperature, color rendering index, power driver brand, power driver type (regular control, dimming control, intelligent control), beam angle, and external packaging according to your specific custom led light needs. After you provide us with detailed quantity and parameter requirements, we will provide you with a detailed quotation and delivery cycle.The second is personalized product customization, customisable led lights include the customization options of the first mode, and also allow you to customize the size of the fixture, the materials used for the fixture, and optical accessories. Additionally, we provide laser printing of your brand logo on the custom led lights fixture. If you require led light customized fixture size beyond the standard range, our lighting experts can assist you in finding the best solution to complete the fixture production.The third is complete solution customization, which is the highest standard of our led lights customizable services. We will provide a complete lighting solution based on the detailed information of your project or space, and combined with your desired concept. We will implement the solution using the latest lighting technology and your desired design philosophy.The warranty period of all customized lighting products will be the same as that of standard products, and we can provide online technical support throughout the project.