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Best DIY Blog You Don’t Want to Miss in 2024

Best DIy blog in 2024 you don't want to miss

If you’re on the hunt for the crème de la crème of DIY blogs, look no further! Amidst the vast ocean of online DIY blogs, we’ve meticulously selected an exclusive list to guide and inspire your next project. These top-tier blogs not only stand out in a crowded niche but also promise to enrich your DIY journey with a wealth of practical tips and creative ideas. Expect to dive into a world where each blog brings its unique flair, transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary havens.

Note: The rankings in the article don’t carry any meaningful representation; we randomly arranged these blogs.

Best DIY Blog

best diy blog- homedit


Website: https://www.homedit.com/

Homedit, founded in 2008, has evolved into an authoritative source for home decor, architecture, and DIY home improvement. Emphasizing the individuality of style, this contemporary platform offers a unique blend of global design trends, cutting-edge standards, and smart home technology. It provides a wealth of information, ranging from interior and exterior styles to innovative DIY methods. Homedit is not just about providing ideas; it’s about inspiring transformation in living and work environments. As a trusted voice in design and DIY projects, Homedit continues to expand its reach, inspiring readers to create personalized, functional, and stylish spaces.


Website: https://www.housedigest.com/

House Digest, launched in 2021 by Static Media, is a leading blog in the DIY and home improvement field. It offers a wide range of topics including real estate, remodeling, design, and gardening. The blog provides the latest trends, expert advice, and step-by-step guides, appealing to both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. With exclusive interviews from HGTV stars and a strong focus on community involvement, House Digest has quickly become a go-to resource for over 7 million monthly users seeking to enhance their living spaces.

Decor Home Ideas

Website: https://www.decorhomeideas.com/

“Decor Home Ideas,” founded in 2013 by Ivo, a passionate home decor enthusiast, has evolved into a treasure trove for DIY lovers and decor aficionados. Ivo, with over 20 years of experience, curates a range of projects that transform living spaces simply and affordably. The blog stands out for its commitment to sustainable, eco-friendly practices, embracing the beauty of simplicity and continually seeking fresh, original ideas. It’s not just a blog; it’s a community where creativity in home design and DIY projects flourishes, inspiring readers to create the home they’ve always dreamed of.

At Lane and High

Website: https://www.atlaneandhigh.com/

Meet Wendy, the heart and soul behind At Lane and High. Hailing from Ohio, this Licensed Real Estate Agent turned blogger shares her life with her husband, daughter, and a camera-shy dog named Lilly. Wendy’s blog is a treasure trove of DIY projects, home decor inspirations, and expert tips on home staging. Whether it’s navigating paint colors or decorating for the holidays, her blog is your go-to guide. Join Wendy as she transforms her 1985-built home and shares her journey towards becoming an empty nester, all while indulging in her love for cozy nights, flower arranging, and Ohio State football.

Yanko Design

Website: https://www.yankodesign.com/

Yanko Design, which started as a humble blog in 2002, has blossomed into an online magazine powerhouse, captivating millions with its focus on international product design, DIY. They’re all about the new and undiscovered, always with an eye on future trends. Not just content with being a magazine, they’ve expanded into YD Select, a retail haven that doesn’t just sell products but offers life-enhancing solutions through innovative design. This platform celebrates creativity at all levels, ensuring each item is not just a purchase but a piece of art for the home.


Website: https://www.tidbitsandtwine.com/

Tidbits & Twine, created by Kim, is a cozy corner in the vast world of DIY home decorating. This blog is a treasure trove for those who find joy in transforming their spaces. Kim guides her readers through a myriad of decorating challenges, from selecting the perfect paint color to defining their unique style. It’s not just about following trends; it’s about weaving personal stories into home decor. Whether you’re a seasoned decorator or just starting out, Kim’s insights and tips make the art of decorating accessible and enjoyable for everyone. With Tidbits & Twine, every reader embarks on a journey to make their home a true reflection of themselves, one DIY project at a time.


Website: https://biggerthanthethreeofus.com/

The Three Of Us” blog is a heartwarming and inspiring journey into the world of DIY, narrated by Ashley and her family. After moving to Springfield, Missouri, they took on the challenge of transforming a massive 3800 sq foot house into their dream home. With no prior DIY experience, Ashley, Luke, and Greyson learned through trial and error, turning their once basic skills into impressive home renovation expertise. This blog is more than just a series of projects; it’s a tale of a family’s growth, love, and creativity, all wrapped up in the world of do-it-yourself. From carpeted bathrooms to a budget-friendly kitchen renovation, their story encourages others to start their own DIY adventures.

Martha Stewart

Website: https://www.marthastewart.com/

In the world of MarthaStewart.com, there’s a vibrant celebration of the DIY spirit, infused with Martha Stewart’s trademark curiosity and innovation. This blog is a treasure trove of ideas, where readers can find meticulously tested recipes, creative DIY projects, and gardening tips. It’s not just about making things; it’s about crafting a lifestyle. From beauty and wedding advice to seasonal decor and health news, Martha and her team make every aspect of life a little more beautiful and approachable. It’s a space where readers are inspired to design and revel in the life they create, one DIY project at a time.


Website: https://www.hunker.com/

Hunker is all about the art of DIY – a place where readers are both inspired and empowered to transform their living spaces. Hunker believes in the magic of personal touch. It’s not just about home improvement; it’s about crafting spaces that reflect who you are. From upcycling old furniture to adding a splash of color to your walls, Hunker guides you through every step, making your home as unique as your personality. It’s time to make your space tell your story!

Making Home Base

Website: https://www.makinghomebase.com/

Chelsea’s DIY and decorating blog is a vibrant hub for creative ideas in home decoration, DIY projects, and baking. Specializing particularly in rental decorating, Chelsea shares her extensive experience from living in nine homes over 15 years, aiming to help renters personalize their spaces. Her philosophy centers around decorating for the inhabitants rather than the structure itself, with a preference for blue and white palettes. The blog also indulges in the sweeter side of life, featuring delicious treats like cinnamon rolls, emphasizing that dessert is always a good idea.

Melissa Arlena Photography

Website: https://melissaarlenaphotography.com/

In this blog, Melissa Arlena, a Virginia-based enthusiast, dives into the creative and hands-on world of DIY and interior design. As a military wife and mother of three, Melissa skillfully balances her passions with family life, offering a unique perspective on transforming a house into a home. The blog focuses primarily on home renovation projects, showcasing practical DIY tips and interior design ideas. Readers can expect a blend of personal stories, step-by-step guides, and inspirational content that resonates with fellow DIY lovers and interior design enthusiasts. Join Melissa as she navigates the joys and challenges of DIY projects, turning everyday spaces into artistic expressions.


Website: https://www.decoist.com/

Decoist is a web magazine for architecture, furniture and interior design enthusiasts. Whether you want to beautify your home or office, or get inspired by stunning houses and luxury properties, Decoist has it all. You can also find DIY tips and tricks to create your own furniture and lighting, or to transform your space with simple and affordable ideas. Decoist is your source of daily design inspiration.

Fix This Build That

Website: https://fixthisbuildthat.com/

Brad Rodriguez’s blog, FixThisBuildThat.com, primarily focuses on woodworking and DIY home improvement. Brad shares his journey from a beginner in 2002 to a full-time content creator, offering a mix of projects and skills for both novice and experienced woodworkers. Through his blog and YouTube channel, he inspires readers to create functional, meaningful, and beautiful items, emphasizing the joy of building and the communal aspect of sharing creations with a like-minded community.


Website: https://bogoten.com/

Welcome to Elle’s DIY Blog, where you can find tips and tricks on how to create your own beautiful and cozy home without breaking the bank. Whether you are looking for inspiration, budget-friendly ideas, or practical solutions, this blog has something for you. Join me as I share my journey of treasure hunting, online shopping, and learning how to clean and organize my home the smart way. Let’s have fun and make our homes more lovely and livable with DIY!

Wilker Do’s

Website: https://wilkerdos.com/

Wilker Do’s is a blog by April Wilkerson, a self-taught maker, DIYer, woodworker and metalworker. She shares her passion for creating things with her own hands, from furniture to home improvement projects. She also provides free written and video tutorials on how to make various things, from simple boxes to complex machines. Her blog is a source of inspiration and information for anyone who wants to learn how to build things themselves, regardless of their skill level or experience. Whether you are looking for ideas, tips, or challenges, you will find something to suit your needs at Wilker Do’s.

Addicted 2 Decorating

Website: https://www.addicted2decorating.com/

Addicted 2 Decorating is a DIY-focused blog, spearheaded by Kristi, a passionate DIYer and former interior decorator. With over a decade of experience, Kristi shares her extensive journey in remodeling and decorating her 1948 fixer-upper, inspiring readers to undertake their home improvement projects. The blog encompasses a wide range of DIY tasks, from construction to interior design, aiming to encourage readers to realize their dream homes affordably and confidently. Kristi’s personal touch, including her background, travels, and life with her husband Matt, adds depth and relatability to her practical DIY advice. Addicted 2 Decorating stands out as an inspiring resource for DIY enthusiasts looking to personalize their living spaces.


Website: https://www.ehow.com/

This ehow blog is dedicated to the realm of DIY, offering readers a treasure trove of creative ideas, practical solutions, and expert advice to tackle everyday life challenges. The blog mainly focuses on crafting, home improvement, and culinary arts, distinguishing itself by employing experts in these fields, including professional chefs. With a strong emphasis on editorial integrity, ehow ensures that product recommendations and content are driven by expertise and judgement, not external influences. This blog is ideal for those looking to infuse creativity and efficiency into their daily routines, providing a blend of inspiration and pragmatic advice.


Website: https://www.21oak.com/

21Oak is a comprehensive DIY-focused blog that caters to homeowners and prospective buyers. Covering four main categories and 37 topics, it offers monthly updates on home décor, maintenance, garden scaping, and remodeling. The blog aims to inspire and guide readers through the realms of homeownership, blending innovative trends with traditional methods. It’s a valuable resource for practical tips and advice in the home improvement field.

One Project Closer

Website: https://www.oneprojectcloser.com/

This blog is a go-to resource for enthusiasts and professionals in the DIY and home improvement field. It specializes in providing up-to-date reviews and news about the latest tools on the market. The blog covers a variety of brands, offering insights into the most effective and innovative tools available. By subscribing to their mailing list, readers can stay informed about new tool releases and advancements, ensuring they are always equipped with the best tools for their DIY projects. This blog is essential for anyone looking to enhance their tool arsenal with the latest and most reliable products in the DIY realm.

Home Tips

Website: https://www.hometips.com/

HomeTips, a family-run company, specializes in providing expert and trustworthy DIY home improvement advice. Founded in 1996 by Don Vandervort in a tree house office, it has grown into a leading online resource, offering over 1000 articles on home repairs, improvements, and buying guides. Renowned for its hands-on, experienced-based approach, HomeTips has gained recognition in the DIY field, including accolades from tech expert Guy Kawasaki and a win in Google’s AdSense Story Contest. The blog primarily focuses on making DIY accessible and reliable for homeowners, underlining the company’s commitment to helping people love their homes.

Remodel Aholic

Website: https://www.remodelaholic.com/

Justin and Cassity’s blog is a dedicated space for DIY enthusiasts, focusing on home remodeling and creative projects. With over two decades of experience, they share comprehensive guides and inspiring ideas for improving homes on a budget. The blog’s core principle is sustainability, emphasizing the reuse and repurposing of materials. Readers are not only treated to a wealth of Justin and Cassity’s projects but are also encouraged to share their own. This interactive platform serves as a community for those passionate about DIY and sustainable home transformation, embodying the spirit of innovation and resourcefulness.

Thrift Diving

Website: https://thriftdiving.com/

Serena Appiah’s blog, “Thrift Diving,” primarily focuses on the field of DIY (do-it-yourself) home decor, improvement, and maintenance. With a budget-friendly approach, Serena guides her readers through various projects and tips to transform their homes creatively and economically. Her journey from aspiring to be a cab driver at 6 to becoming a professional DIY blogger is both unique and inspiring. Serena’s blog is a treasure trove for those looking to infuse their living spaces with personality and style without breaking the bank.

Remodelando la Casa

Website: https://www.remodelandolacasa.com/

RemodelaCasa,” led by Cristina, a Latina from Colombia, is a blog that delves into the realm of DIY, home décor, and renovation. Cristina started this platform in 2012 to document her journey, beginning with a challenging kitchen makeover. The blog focuses on DIY projects, home transformations, and personal insights into family life and travels. It’s a resource for those interested in turning their homes into a space of creativity and comfort. Cristina’s engaging storytelling and practical advice make “RemodelaCasa” a go-to blog for DIY enthusiasts and home decor lovers.

Tatertots and Jello

Website: https://tatertotsandjello.com/

Welcome to a world where creativity flourishes and DIY projects come to life! This blog is an inspiring journey into the realm of do-it-yourself, where the joy of making something beautiful from nothing is celebrated. It’s a space dedicated to exploring new ideas, remaking the old into something better, and seeing the endless possibilities in the mundane. Rooted in a deep love for family and the warmth of new friendships, this blog began as a personal repository of creative ideas and projects. It’s more than just a collection of crafts; it’s a community where encouragement and support for developing one’s creative side are paramount. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or just starting out, this blog invites you to embrace your creative potential and join a positive, supportive journey of discovery and transformation.

DIY Doctor

Website: https://www.diydoctor.org.uk/

DIY Doctor is a leading home improvement website in the UK, established on 1st November 2000. Managed by experienced tradesmen, this platform specializes in guiding both DIY enthusiasts and those seeking professional assistance. Their mission is to empower individuals to undertake various home improvement projects, regardless of their skill level or experience. The blog covers a wide array of topics, offering practical advice, tips, and insights to help readers achieve their home renovation dreams, one project at a time.

Useful DIY Projects

Website: https://usefuldiyprojects.com/

UsefulDIYProjects.com is a blog that primarily focuses on the field of DIY (Do-It-Yourself), catering to enthusiasts in home design, fashion, and crafts. The blog is a treasure trove of high-quality, trendy craft projects and tutorials. It stands as a testament to the growing popularity of the DIY movement, offering a diverse range of extraordinary collections from the global DIY community. This platform not only serves as a source of inspiration but also fosters a sense of community among DIY enthusiasts of all skill levels.

True Diy

Website: https://truediy.net/

TrueDIY is a specialized blog that focuses primarily on the realms of crafting and home decor. It serves as a comprehensive guide for DIY enthusiasts of all skill levels, offering unique and practical ideas to enhance living spaces. The blog features diverse content ranging from easy-to-follow DIY projects to expert tips for sophisticated craftwork. TrueDIY not only inspires creativity but also equips readers with the necessary know-how to execute their ideas effectively. Whether for aesthetic enhancement or functional improvement, TrueDIY is the quintessential destination for anyone passionate about do-it-yourself endeavors in the world of crafts and decor.

Garage Made Simple

Website: https://garagemadesimple.com/

Ted’s blog primarily focuses on the field of DIY home improvement, with a special emphasis on garages. Drawing from his extensive background in engineering and construction materials, Ted offers unique insights into garage design, construction, and organization. The blog caters to both homeowners and professionals, providing them with practical advice, problem-solving tips, and the latest trends in garage maintenance and design. Ted’s passion for DIY and sharing knowledge shines through in his engaging and informative articles, making his blog a go-to resource for anyone interested in enhancing their garage space.

Chatfield Court

Website: https://www.chatfieldcourt.com/

Chatfield Court is a DIY-focused blog run by Kristi and her husband Roger. Starting in 2013, it chronicles their home improvement journey, emphasizing budget-friendly and creative solutions. The blog covers a broad spectrum of DIY projects, from basic room painting to complex kitchen remodels. Originally based in Illinois, they now share their experiences from a 1965 ranch in North Carolina. Chatfield Court is known for its diverse range of projects and the couple’s distinct approach to DIY, offering readers inspiration and practical tips for their own home improvement endeavors.


Website: https://shabbyfufu.com/

Shabbyfufu Designs, a blog by Janet, focuses on inspiring a comfortable and stylish life at home. With 18 years of experience, Janet blends her Miami roots, artistic background, and passion for DIY projects into her blog. She covers a broad range of topics including home decorating, DIY projects, fashion, gardening, and lifestyle tips. The blog is a space for readers seeking practical, artistic guidance and inspiration for their own homes. Shabbyfufu Designs is more than a blog; it’s a community for those who appreciate a life filled with artful and accessible home living.

Claire Douglas Styling

Website: https://www.clairedouglasstyling.co.uk/

Explore the world of DIY and affordable home transformations with Claire Douglas in “Transform Your Home – On a Budget.” As a seasoned DIY and home interiors writer, Claire shares creative projects, upcycling ideas, and money-saving home improvement tutorials. Whether you’re a beginner or a DIY pro, her self-paced online course offers valuable insights. Navigate through a variety of resources, including a post directory and curated style options, ensuring your home becomes a sanctuary of style without breaking the bank.

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