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How To Join LED Profiles(the Ultimate Guide) 

How To Join LED Profiles

Joining LED Profiles

When it comes to fitting your LED strip lights onto an LED profile, avoiding a common mistake can make all the difference. Cutting the extrusion slightly too short often leaves you with LEDs confined within the profile and a dangling loose end. This can be effortlessly resolved by aligning two aluminum extrusion pieces. To expedite your project, consider having the profiles pre-cut based on your measurements. Once in hand, affix your LED strip with its adhesive backing ready for application. Perfectly align the aluminum extrusions, letting the adhesive securely fuse the pieces together. Lay the LED strip along the extrusion, and the adhesive will do the rest. Applying the diffusing plastic over the combined aluminum LED profiles results in an almost seamless appearance. Keep in mind that a barely noticeable junction might exist where the diffuser and aluminum profile were cut. This minor detail becomes insignificant if the profiles are positioned inconspicuously. This joining method doesn't affect the LED lights' performance or illumination quality, ensuring seamless integration of your LED profiles.

An Alternative Method

The alternative method you've described sounds like a practical way to provide additional support and structural rigidity to the aluminum LED profile pieces. Staggering the diffusing covers over the joints of the aluminum extrusions can distribute the load and stress more evenly, which could potentially enhance the longevity of the LED lights and profiles. This method adds an extra layer of reinforcement compared to just clipping on the diffusing covers without any overlap.

To implement this alternative method, you would need to follow these steps:

  1. Assemble the aluminum LED profile pieces as usual.
  2. Instead of using diffusing covers that align perfectly with the ends of the aluminum extrusions, cut one diffusing cover to the appropriate length to cover the joint in the middle where the aluminum extrusions have been joined together.
  3. Attach this first diffusing cover to the aluminum extrusions, making sure it overlaps the joint in the middle.
  4. Cut another piece of diffusing cover to the appropriate length to stagger it further up the aluminum extrusions.
  5. Attach this second piece of diffusing cover, positioning it to overlap the first diffusing cover and extending it along the profile pieces.

By staggering the diffusing covers in this manner, you create a sort of layered effect that provides additional reinforcement at the joints and adds more stability to the entire setup. This should indeed help improve the overall structural integrity and longevity of the LED lights and LED profiles, especially if they are subject to vibrations, movement, or other external forces.

Before proceeding with this method, it's a good idea to ensure that the additional layers of diffusing cover don't interfere with the lighting performance or heat dissipation of the LED profiles. Additionally, be careful with cutting and attaching the diffusing covers to maintain a neat and professional appearance.

Remember that any modifications to the assembly process should be tested and assessed to ensure they achieve the desired results and don't have any unintended negative effects.

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