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How To Hang Festoon Lights(Inclusive DIY Step by Step Guide and Tips)

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What are festoon garden lights?

Festoon lights, also referred to as string lights or party lights, are a delightful addition to any outdoor space. You might recognize them from classic Hollywood movies, as they've often graced celebratory scenes. Essentially, festoon lights consist of a string of larger bulbs connected together to form a charming garland. Think of them as a grander version of the beloved fairy lights, but with a touch of timeless elegance. These lights are more than just party decor; they have evolved to become versatile everyday adornments.

Imagine a garland made of vintage-style, oversized glass LED bulbs emitting a dimmable warm white glow. Festoon garden lights embody this concept, adding a touch of sophistication to any setting. They exude a certain charm when draped across a pergola or nestled among trees, making them perfect for various occasions such as garden parties, weddings, and beyond. Embracing the spirit of celebration, the term "festoon" originates from the Latin word "festum," which signifies a feast. Although initially linked with festive decorations like wreaths and garlands, the term has evolved to describe the graceful curve formed by these lights when suspended loosely.

As modern times have progressed, festoon lighting has adapted. According to FestoonLighting.com, it involves a series of lighting sockets arranged on a string harness, creating an artful curved display. Notably distinct from fairy lights, festoon lights boast larger, often replaceable bulbs, adding to their appeal. It's important to note that festoon lights have transcended mere ornamentation. They now serve as integral pieces in outdoor decor, elevating the ambiance of gardens and patios alike. With LED technology at the helm, festoon lights have become more energy-efficient, enduring, and versatile, catering to both celebratory gatherings and quiet evenings.

In the realm of contemporary outdoor aesthetics, festoon garden lights have taken center stage. Whether you're enjoying the warmth of a summer evening or hosting an intimate event, these lights infuse enchantment into the surroundings. They evoke a sense of timelessness, casting a soft glow reminiscent of classic Hollywood glamour. So, consider embracing festoon garden lights to create an inviting atmosphere that seamlessly blends celebration and everyday beauty.

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Are Festoon Lights Waterproof? 

When it comes to hanging festoon lights in your garden, a common question pops up: Are festoon lights waterproof? Given their outdoor application, it's crucial to consider their weather resistance. The good news is that most festoon lighting options are indeed waterproof, and confirming this is as easy as checking the IP rating. The IP (Ingress Protection) rating is a two-digit code that indicates a product's defense against solids and liquids. For instance, the majority of modern festoon garden lights boast an IP44 rating, signifying protection from particles larger than 1mm and gentle water sprays. This means these festoon lights can brave the damp and overcast conditions typical of British weather, letting you leave them out even during a spring drizzle with confidence. For those seeking added security against heavy rainfall, weatherproof festoon lighting with a higher IP rating, such as IP65, is available. So, rest easy knowing your festoon lights are equipped to add charm to your garden, rain or shine."

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Why You Should Choose Festoon Lights

Festoon lights, a radiant choice for garden illumination, offer a host of benefits that set them apart. These lights marry aesthetic charm with practical efficiency, making them the ideal choice for outdoor lighting. Whether you opt for solar-powered, battery-powered, or mains-powered festoon lights, installation is a breeze. Skip the hassle of intricate wiring – plug in the lights or suspend them across your garden effortlessly. Streamlining the process further, all-in-one LED festoon kits are readily available.

The durability of festoon lights shines brightly. With LED technology dominating the outdoor lighting landscape, these lights boast an impressive lifespan of up to 50,000 hours – a boon compared to traditional incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. Beyond longevity, LEDs' energy-efficient design ensures they remain cool to the touch, minimizing the risk of fire. This durability extends to the bulbs themselves, now crafted from resilient plastic, eliminating the overheating and fragility issues of the past.

Diversity defines festoon garden lights. Tailoring your garden's ambiance is effortless, with LED garden lights available in an array of colors, including warm white, bright white, blue, green, and even dynamic rainbow and color-changing options. This adaptability makes festoon lights the ultimate choice for any outdoor occasion – from lively gatherings to tranquil evenings in your garden oasis.

Versatility truly sets festoon lights apart. They're not just about aesthetics; they offer practical advantages too. These lights enhance your home's security, dissuading potential intruders with their illuminating presence. Moreover, they guide your steps safely through the night, casting light on potential hazards like steps and water features. Festoon lights embody functionality and style, making them an indispensable part of any garden lighting strategy.

How Outdoor Festoon Lights Can Transform Your Space?

Enhance your garden's ambiance and functionality with the magic of outdoor festoon lights. These LED marvels bring a touch of elegance, safety, and versatility to your outdoor haven. Whether you're planning a lively garden party, a charming birthday celebration, a romantic wedding, or even an alfresco dining experience, festoon lighting is your secret to creating an enchanting atmosphere that transcends the boundaries of daylight. Hanging these LED festoon lights has never been easier, and they promise long-lasting brilliance, making your garden a place of wonder even after sunset.

Garden Party Perfection

Elevate your outdoor soirées with the timeless charm of festoon lights. These playful string lights exude a cheerful vibe, ideal for adorning your garden gatherings. As the sun sets, their warm glow sets the stage for an unforgettable atmosphere. Illuminate your outdoor seating area or patio strategically to create inviting focal points that beckon everyone to converge and enjoy.

A Bright Birthday Bash

For a memorable birthday bash, take the festivities to your garden and bask in the pleasant glow of festoon lights. With a wide range of LED options, you can tailor the ambiance to suit any theme or age group. Plus, these LED garden lights are cool to the touch and durably built, ensuring a safe and lively environment for little ones to play and frolic.

Elegant Wedding Illumination

Capture the romance of your outdoor wedding with the soft radiance of warm white festoon lights. These LED wonders transform your garden into a dreamy, glamorous venue as the evening unfolds. Use them to guide guests along pathways, infusing your celebration with an enchanting aura that adds a touch of magic to your special day.

Dine Under the Stars

Enjoy alfresco dining in style and comfort with the gentle radiance of festoon lights. These LEDs create the perfect balance between illumination and ambiance, allowing you to savor your meals under the stars. Their warm glow, coupled with delicate fairy lights, sets the stage for intimate gatherings and memorable dinner parties.

Effortless Elegance

Installing festoon lights is a breeze, whether you have a pergola, trees, or fences. These LED wonders effortlessly adapt to your garden's layout, providing a hassle-free transformation. Say goodbye to harsh glares and welcome the soft and inviting glow that only festoon lights can deliver.

Which Festoon Lights Should I Purchase? 

Choosing the right festoon lights for your garden can make all the difference in creating a captivating atmosphere. These outdoor gems not only infuse your garden with a festive charm but also double as attractive daytime adornments. Selecting the perfect lighting solution not only enhances your outdoor space but also sets a delightful tone for your family and guests. Opting for lights that complement your garden and home decor is a wise move. Wondering if festoon lights can sufficiently illuminate your garden area? The answer hinges on your chosen lighting style and quantity. For instance, around 20 festoon lights can effectively brighten up a cozy seating nook, casting a warm and inviting glow.

When exploring the diverse array of festoon lights available for purchase, you'll encounter various options to suit your preferences:

BRIGHT WHITE: Ideal for illuminating your garden as darkness falls. These outdoor festoon lights work wonders under a pergola, or they can elegantly light up your patio, just beyond your back door. Their radiant white hue adds a touch of brilliance to the outdoor ambiance.

WARM GLOW: Personally, I favor these lights for their romantic luminosity. They offer a softer radiance, avoiding the glare of stadium-style floodlights. Perfectly versatile, they enhance any setting. You might find them gracing our revamped gravel garden, transforming it into a tranquil haven.

RAINBOW: While not everyone's cup of tea, rainbow-colored festoon lights infuse a fun, festival-like spirit into your outdoor space. These vibrant lights create an eye-catching spectacle both day and night. Against the backdrop of your garden's natural beauty, the spectrum of colors adds a playful touch.

With festoon lighting, you have the power to craft an enchanting outdoor haven. Your garden's size and the mood you wish to evoke determine the number and style of lights you should acquire. By thoughtfully selecting between bright white, warm glow, or rainbow-colored options, you'll tailor your garden's ambiance to your desires. Whether you seek the brilliance of daylight, the gentle romance of dusk, or the vibrant cheer of a festival, your festoon lights will be your trusted companions in setting the mood you envision.

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Which Power Option Should I choose? 

Navigating the world of festoon lights can be a dazzling experience, with a plethora of power options to consider for your garden lighting. The question of "Which power option should I choose?" is a common one, and we're here to shed light on the matter. Fortunately, festoon lights are designed with the great British weather in mind, making them outdoor-friendly and waterproof, a crucial feature given the unpredictable UK climate. These outdoor festoon lights typically sport a detachable plug socket, allowing for easy indoor relocation without the need to dismantle the entire setup.

Solar Panel Delight: For simplicity and eco-friendliness, look no further than solar-powered festoon lights. Effortlessly harnessing the sun's energy, these lights illuminate your garden when darkness falls, automatically turning on and off, saving both energy and time. No need to fumble with power points; solar panels have you covered.

Battery Brilliance: An equally hassle-free option is battery-powered festoon lights. Rain or shine, they persistently shine on, thanks to their robust battery life. No pesky plug sockets required, granting you the freedom to adorn any corner of your outdoor space with these twinkling delights.

Mains Power Confidence: Opting for mains-powered festoon lights is a choice of durability and reliability. However, ensure they're designed for outdoor use and are waterproof. These lights, when coupled with outdoor electricity sources, provide uninterrupted radiance. Just remember to switch them off before heading indoors!

In the realm of festoon lighting, it's essential to pick the power option that aligns with your needs and preferences. Solar panels and batteries offer fuss-free installation and maintenance, while mains power guarantees steadfast luminance. As you contemplate your choice, keep in mind the joyful ambiance these LED festoon lights can bring to your garden, making it a captivating retreat.

What Tools and Materials do I needs for Hanging Festoon Lights? 

When it comes to illuminating your outdoor space with beautiful festoon lights, having the right tools and materials at hand makes the process smooth and efficient. Depending on your specific setup, whether you're stringing lights between fixing points less than 8m apart or spanning larger areas with points over 8m apart, there are key items you'll need.

For the first scenario, where you're hanging lights over shorter distances, gather the following essentials: outdoor festoon lights to cover the desired area, an outdoor extension cord (if needed), an electric or manual drill, a tape measure for precise measurements, a pencil or painter's tape for marking, sturdy metal hooks or eyes as fixing points, reliable zip ties to secure the lights, and a ladder if you're working at a height.

In the case of more extensive setups spanning distances over 8m, you'll require additional tools: a string light suspension kit comprising wire cable, pad eyes, snap hooks, lock clamps, and turnbuckles. Don't forget a wire cutter for adjustments post-installation. Plan your festoon light length by considering your garden or backyard size, and opt for LED festoon lights for optimal energy efficiency.

Ensure that your outdoor extension cord is suitable for outdoor conditions if an extension is needed. Measure distances accurately with a tape measure and mark potential drill points with a pencil. Utilize an appropriate drill based on your wall or post material. Choose robust metal cup hooks or eye hooks for secure support. The lights will be affixed to a wire rope, so ensure you have the necessary tools to cut the wire and create loops for attachment. Copper swages and rope thimbles aid in securing the setup, and a swage crimper ensures a tight connection. Employ zip ties to fasten lights to eyelets and wire rope.

Ultimately, a well-prepared setup promises stunning festoon lighting that transforms your outdoor space into a captivating haven. Whether you're new to DIY projects or a seasoned enthusiast, this comprehensive guide equips you with the know-how to elegantly hang festoon lights and create a warm, inviting ambiance in your garden or backyard.

Installing Your Festoon Ligths(Step by Step Gudie)

Adding a charming ambiance to your outdoor space with festoon lights is easier than you think. Skip the hassle of complex wiring and embrace a straightforward installation process. Whether you opt for mains-powered, battery-powered, or solar-powered festoon lights, this step-by-step guide ensures your garden dazzles in no time.

  1. Choose Your Illumination: Begin by selecting the ideal festoon lights for your setup – mains-powered, battery-powered, or solar-powered. While solar lights are eco-friendly and wire-free, mains and battery options offer brighter illumination. Assess your garden's needs and style for the perfect fit.

  2. Plot the Path: Mapping your lighting layout beforehand is crucial. Lay the lights on the ground to visualize the arrangement and determine the required length. This helps avoid draping lights over obstacles and ensures a consistent design.

  3. Pattern Planning: Decide on a lighting pattern that complements your garden's layout – be it a classic X, V, zig-zag, parallel, or pinwheel design. Keep the power source location in mind while finalizing the pattern.

  4. Fixing Points and Supports: Identify sturdy fixing points around your garden like trees, tall fences, pergolas, or posts. For points farther from the house, consider installing support poles for stability. Support wires are recommended for spans over 8m.

  5. Lights on Display: Test the LED globes before proceeding to hang the lights. Attach the lights securely using cable ties, maintaining a clean finish. Shepherd's hooks work great for hanging lights closer to the ground for pathways.

  6. Power and Glow: Ensure power cords are securely fastened to walls, ground, and posts to prevent accidents. Screw in the LED light bulbs following instructions to create a tight waterproof seal.

  7. A Magical Scene: Switch on the power and bask in the warm, enchanting glow of your festoon lights. Your garden's transformation is complete, setting the stage for countless memorable evenings.

With this guide, installing festoon lights becomes a delightful project, illuminating your outdoor haven effortlessly. Enjoy the captivating radiance and create lasting memories in your beautifully lit garden retreat.

Hanging your Festoon Ligths to your trees, walls, shed, brick wall, etc...

Elevate your outdoor space with the enchanting glow of festoon lights! Whether it's your trees, walls, shed, or brick wall, we've got you covered with this inclusive DIY guide. Starting with your trees and garden walls, you can artfully wrap and drape these lights around your patio, creating a mesmerizing ambiance. Fixed elements like garden sheds serve as ideal support for hanging hooks that effortlessly connect to adjoining trees or fences, accentuating your space's charm.

For brick or concrete surfaces, a sturdy solution involves wall plugs and eye-screws or Dyna-bolts. Begin your festoon light adventure by planning the layout. Choose from patterns like zig-zags, border outlines, pinwheels, and more. Remember to consider your outdoor power source's location. Look around your garden for tall fences, posts, or the house sides to provide additional support for your creative patterns. To illuminate distant spots, consider installing posts or poles for steadfast anchoring.

Before hanging, test your LED festoon lights to ensure they're in perfect working order. Next, measure the required steel wire length and craft your swage for impeccable positioning. Installing hooks starts with drilling holes for screws and adding adhesive if needed. Timber screws are apt for wood, while wall plugs secure eye-screws on brick or concrete. The installation journey continues with mounting eye straps and wire loops. When hanging your wire rope, maintain tension and follow the steps from before.

The trickiest part is often hanging cables across larger distances. For spans over 8 meters, use a support wire to maintain stability. The final steps bring your festoon lights to life. Attach the lights to fixing points or steel wire using cable ties. Ensure a secure attachment to withstand any accidental brushes. Safety is paramount, so staple electrical cords to walls or ground to prevent tripping hazards. Finally, screw in the LED bulbs, switch on the power, and bask in the warm, inviting glow of your festoon lights. Illuminate your outdoor space with brilliance and charm!

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What if you don't Have Fix Items for Festoon Lights? 

Lacking fixed items in your garden? Fret not—innovative solutions await to illuminate your space with festoon lights. Crafty alternatives abound for hanging these enchanting string lights. Employ sturdy plant pots with tall inserted sticks for a whimsical garden display. Create bespoke festoon light holders by using oversized plant pots or buckets, anchoring a substantial branch or stick within a cement-filled container. No trees? No worries! Elevate your outdoor haven with festoon lighting using wooden posts or fences as your canvas. Gear up with essentials like wooden posts, nails, and a hammer for secure attachment. Weighted buckets offer stability for post-based setups. For concrete or brick attachment, wall plugs or Dyna-bolts prove essential. As you embark on this creative lighting journey, your festoon lights will usher in a magical ambiance, whether embracing the night under the stars or indulging in garden gatherings.


  1. Prepare Hooks or Ties: Get cup hooks or cable ties ready, depending on your fence type. Aim for about one every meter.

  2. Hook or Tie Placement: Attach the hooks or ties evenly along the fence, making sure they’re securely fastened.

  3. Hang the Lights: Gently hang the festoon lights on the hooks or ties. You can string them along the full length of the fence or around a seating spot.

You can attach festoon lights to various structures in your garden. Wrap them around trees or drape them over your patio area. You can also hang them from hooks on your garden shed and let them dangle over nearby trees or fences. These fixed elements provide great places to hang your lights and create a cozy atmosphere.

To hang festoon lights, you can choose from various patterns like X, V, zig-zag, parallel, or pinwheel, based on your space’s shape. Decide on the pattern you prefer.

To hang string lights on a covered patio without nails, you have several options that won’t cause damage. Use outdoor Command hooks, zip ties, awning hangers, or Alumahooks. These methods are nail-free and won’t harm your patio cover. Instead of making holes in your aluminum patio cover, choose these solutions for a damage-free setup.

Do festoon lights need support? If the distance between fixing points is under 10m, support wires aren’t necessary but are recommended. You can attach the lights directly to the fixing points. Ensure the power cord is snug against the ground or wall. This applies to UK users.


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