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How to Creat Custom Neon Lighting Displays(the Ultimate Guide) 

Custom Neon Lighting


Discover the captivating world of custom neon lighting with our comprehensive guide on "How to Create Custom Neon Lighting Displays." Neon wall lights, known for their iconic and mesmerizing glow, have transcended time to remain a beloved choice for indoor and outdoor illumination. This article delves into the enchanting allure of neon tube lights and explores their enduring popularity through the decades. With the advent of LED technology, the appeal of neon lights has soared to new heights, offering an opportunity to craft personalized displays without the hassle of intricate installations or safety concerns. Our in-depth exploration uncovers the myriad benefits of neon wall lights, guiding you through the art of fashioning bespoke neon displays. Whether you're seeking to infuse your space with a nostalgic ambiance or aiming to make a bold statement, this guide illuminates the possibilities. Join us to unearth the fascinating realm of custom neon lighting, from its rich history to contemporary LED innovations, all while providing actionable insights for UK residents eager to embark on their luminous journey.

What Are LED Neon Lights?

LED neon lights, a modern evolution of traditional neon lighting, offer a safer and more efficient way to illuminate custom designs. In the past, neon lights used neon gas within delicate glass tubes to achieve their iconic vibrant glow. However, concerns arose due to the fragility of glass, which could lead to breakage, releasing harmful gases into the environment. Overheating was also a risk. Thankfully, the innovation of LED neon lights has effectively addressed these challenges. These lights, encased in sturdy plastic, eliminate the need for hazardous gases and enhance safety during handling and maintenance.

Furthermore, LED neon lights boast impressive durability and energy efficiency compared to their conventional counterparts. For instance, an LED bulb can outlast traditional incandescent and halogen options while being up to 80% more energy-efficient than fluorescent lights. This not only ensures a longer-lasting lighting solution but also offers an economically viable alternative. With these features, custom neon lighting displays are revolutionized, providing captivating aesthetics without compromising safety or sustainability. Whether you're crafting bespoke signage, artistic installations, or ambient room lighting, LED neon lights illuminate the way forward with their modern advantages.

Types of LED Neon Wall Lights

Neon lights have proven to be remarkably adaptable, finding their place not only in various settings but also embracing diverse forms and designs. When delving into the realm of custom neon lighting, it's essential to understand the spectrum of options available. A wide assortment of LED neon wall lights awaits, each catering to distinct preferences and needs. These offerings range from vibrant LED strip lights that effortlessly brighten up spaces, to sophisticated linear lights that provide a unique touch to interiors. For those seeking a seamless blend with architecture, LED profile lights seamlessly integrate into spaces while LED panel lights and ceiling lights cast a warm, welcoming glow. Dive deeper, and one discovers specialized solutions like spotlights, floodlights, and track lights, all tailored to bring focus and flair to designated areas. Whether adorning personal spaces or commercial environments, the world of custom neon lighting unveils a plethora of LED options that infuse spaces with character and vibrancy.

Neon Tubes 

"Custom Neon Lighting Displays" offer an array of captivating options, including the timeless allure of "Neon Tubes." These tubes house LED strip lights encased in durable PVC, a fusion of classic aesthetics and modern durability. A range of installation possibilities presents itself, from floor stands to pendant features suspended from above, creating a versatile canvas for creativity. Our LED neon tubes cater to diverse needs, featuring standard variations for advanced displays and bespoke custom lengths meticulously tailored to specific requirements. While some tubes are supplied without power or control sources, our plug-and-play LED neon tubes offer seamless setup for homes, gaming setups, parties, and more. With everything needed in the package, including color and pattern controls, transforming your space is a breeze. Enhanced control options, such as remote or smartphone management, empower you to select colors and adjust brightness at your convenience. Elevate your ambiance with "Custom Neon Lighting Displays," where innovation and elegance harmonize seamlessly.

Neon Flex

Upgrade your lighting game with Neon Flex – a revolutionary solution that takes custom neon lighting to the next level. Unlike traditional neon tubes, Neon Flex lights offer unparalleled flexibility, bending effortlessly in any direction or even a full 360° curve. Crafted from durable PVC or silicone casing, these LED wonders can be molded into the most intricate shapes, turning corners and contours into captivating displays of light. Need a specific length? No problem. Neon Flex can be precisely cut along its marked points, ensuring tailor-made perfection for your lighting projects.

What sets professional IP67 Neon Flex lights apart is their enhanced ruggedness and water resistance, making them suitable for outdoor use. Illuminate your surroundings with confidence, knowing these lights are built to withstand the elements while delivering enchanting radiance. Explore the extensive range of LED neon flex lights at Ultra LEDs, your one-stop destination for premium lighting solutions.

Curious about application ideas? Watch our video showcasing the versatility of the Essential Neon Rope 360 bend range – a glimpse into the transformative potential of Neon Flex lighting. Embrace the future of lighting design, where flexibility meets durability, and creativity knows no bounds. Welcome to the world of Neon Flex – where light becomes art.

Experience the brilliance of Neon Flex: The evolution of custom neon lighting is here. Craft, mold, and illuminate with limitless possibilities.

Neon Signs

Neon signs have solidified their place as a timeless classic in the world of custom neon lighting. These iconic luminous displays, widely recognized for their vibrant glow, have evolved beyond mere outdoor advertisements into versatile décor elements. Originally associated with businesses aiming to attract attention, neon signs now grace homes, bringing a touch of retro charm indoors. At Kosoom, we offer a seamless way to personalize your space with custom neon signs that reflect your style and identity. Whether it's a representation of your company's logo or a distinctive design for your living space, our bespoke creations cater to your exact preferences. For those seeking instant gratification, our selection also features pre-made neon signs, some even available for next-day delivery, combining convenience with captivating aesthetics. Elevate your surroundings with the allure of custom neon lighting—your gateway to a truly unique ambiance.


Crafting Custom Neon Lighting Displays

Elevate your surroundings with the allure of custom neon lighting, where artistic brilliance meets functional design. From illuminating special events to enhancing everyday interiors, the versatility of neon wall lights is boundless. Creating bespoke neon lighting displays enables you to infuse your space with personalized charm, whether it's a captivating glow for a celebratory gathering or an ambient aura for daily décor.

Imagine your living room aglow with a bespoke neon light that whispers your style, or a custom neon sign casting its enchanting radiance at weddings and parties. This article guides you through the process of curating your own luminous masterpiece, from choosing the right LED profile for your linear pendant lights to selecting the perfect neon hues that resonate with your theme.

Whether you're seeking to fashion a dynamic LED strip light arrangement for your ceiling, exploring the versatility of LED spotlights for targeted accents, or adorning commercial spaces with tailored neon displays, we provide insights that make your creative journey seamless. Discover how to harmonize aesthetics with functionality as we delve into the art of designing personalized LED neon lights that elevate your space.

Custom Neon Lighting for Commercial Spaces

Neon lights have long been a staple in the world of business advertising, exuding a nostalgic charm with their flickering glow. However, with the advent of LED technology, the game has changed. Commercial lighting has taken a bold step forward with LED neon lights offering a consistent and captivating light source. Whether you're showcasing your brand logo or experimenting with imaginative designs, the possibilities are limitless. While many opt for tailor-made neon lighting incorporating their logo or brand name, the more adventurous can dive into DIY neon flex tubes. Shaping these tubes to your liking and securing them onto a flat surface using mounting brackets is a breeze. Elevate your business aesthetics with custom neon lighting, transforming your space into an attention-grabbing masterpiece that leaves a lasting impression.

Accent Lighting

Enhance your space with the captivating allure of custom neon lighting, tailored to your preferences. In the world of interior design, accent lighting takes center stage, spotlighting specific focal points instead of uniformly illuminating a room. LED neon lights are a dynamic choice for this purpose, celebrated for their adaptability and user-friendly "plug and play" installation. For a contemporary touch, envision neon tube lights or neon flex adorning shelves, cabinets, and nooks, particularly within living areas, bedrooms, or creative studios. Such installations seamlessly infuse modernity and sophistication into your surroundings.

Notably, if your design ambitions extend to bathrooms or outdoor areas, consider the vital IP rating of the neon lights. This essential indicator certifies their water-resistant or waterproof capabilities, ensuring their suitability for diverse environments. When it comes to executing accent lighting with finesse, neon flex lights emerge as a prime contender. Their LED flexibility allows effortless bending and cutting to your desired dimensions, enabling installation on virtually any surface.

Elevate your ambiance with the bespoke elegance of custom neon lighting. Unleash your creativity and accentuate the allure of your chosen spaces with the understated drama of precisely placed light. Whether you're curating an inviting atmosphere or making a stylish statement, the versatility of LED neon lights offers endless design possibilities. With the seamless convenience of plug-and-play installation, achieving a sophisticated look has never been more accessible. Explore the contemporary charm of neon tube lights or the flexibility of neon flex to illuminate shelves, cabinets, and artistic niches in areas like living rooms, bedrooms, and studios.

As you embark on this luminous journey, it's crucial to consider the practical aspects. If your vision involves spaces with higher moisture levels, such as bathrooms or outdoor environments, pay close attention to the IP rating of the neon lights. This rating serves as a guide to their water-resistance or waterproof features, ensuring their durability in diverse conditions. For those seeking to infuse their spaces with accent lighting, neon flex lights offer a remarkable solution. Their adaptable LED design allows them to be effortlessly shaped and trimmed to fit any surface, facilitating imaginative installations beyond conventional boundaries.

Elevate your surroundings with the bespoke allure of custom neon lighting, designed to reflect your unique style. Accent lighting, with its focused and dramatic approach, can transform your spaces into captivating environments. LED neon lights, known for their versatility and easy installation, make a perfect choice for achieving this effect. By integrating neon tube lights or neon flex into shelves, cabinets, and strategic corners, you can infuse a contemporary and elegant vibe into spaces like living rooms, bedrooms, or creative studios. This artistic illumination adds depth and character to your decor, giving it a modern edge.

When venturing into accent lighting projects, consider the practical aspects, especially in areas exposed to moisture. For instance, if you're aiming to incorporate neon lights in your bathroom, verify their IP rating. This rating elucidates their water-resistance and waterproof qualities, ensuring their suitability for various settings. Opting for neon flex lights can simplify your creative process. These innovative LED flexible tube lights can be effortlessly bent and trimmed to fit your desired dimensions. This adaptability empowers you to explore unconventional installation surfaces, expanding your design possibilities and making your accent lighting visions come to life.

Task Lighting

In the realm of crafting captivating custom neon lighting displays, the role of task lighting emerges as a dynamic and purposeful element. While it deviates from the notion of inundating an entire space with light, task lighting intricately serves to illuminate specific objectives or undertakings, enhancing efficiency in their execution. Picture, for instance, the brilliance of neon tube lights adorning your workspace, transcending the ordinary desk lamp and infusing your home office with an arresting allure. Beyond conventional utility, such luminous ingenuity finds its stride in realms like gaming setups, where the interplay of neon illuminations creates an immersive and visually stimulating atmosphere. Notably, the convenience of plug and play neon tube light kits is a boon for those less inclined towards DIY endeavors. Effortlessly facilitating LED neon installations, these kits encompass all essential components, ensuring a hassle-free setup. Once orchestrated, the grand reveal unfurls—seamless illumination activated with a wireless remote, offering a newfound realm of custom brilliance to bask in.

Neon Lights for Bedroom

When envisioning neon lighting, our minds often conjure up images of vibrant and bold displays. However, these luminous wonders have the power to create more than just a lively atmosphere. By harnessing the magic of dimming capabilities, neon lights can transform into sources of gentle ambient illumination, ideal for crafting a serene nocturnal setting in your bedroom. Imagine unwinding after a long day, bathed in the soothing glow of softly lit neon, or getting lost in the pages of your favorite book beneath its calming radiance. Elevating your bedroom decor with neon is both artistic and functional. Experiment with neon tube lights, using them to accentuate furniture pieces or suspend neon wall lights that cast a subtle radiance across your space. For those seeking a touch of whimsy, consider incorporating a captivating neon sign as a prominent feature, available in a diverse selection at Kosoom, where affordability and quality intertwine seamlessly. Illuminate your personal haven with the allure of neon, harmonizing style with tranquility."

Custom Neon Lighting  for Christmas Decorations

Elevate your festive spirit with captivating Christmas Decorations using cutting-edge Custom Neon Lighting. Amid a plethora of decorative illumination choices, LED neon lights emerge as the pinnacle. These lights have transcended the conventional, breathing new life into festive displays. Now, in the realm of custom neon light, a contemporary marvel awaits: neon flex. Ditch the run-of-the-mill and embrace the dynamic possibilities of neon flex. Envision it seamlessly enlacing your decorations, conjuring an enchanting ambiance. Elevate your Yuletide decor with neon's bewitching glow, a fusion of tradition and innovation. Experience the magic as the LED flexible tube lights transform your space into a visual symphony, where every hue dances with joyful exuberance. This season, dive into the captivating world of Christmas Neon to craft a celebration that's as unique as you.

Custom Neon Lighting for Outdoor

Whether it's your garden, patio, or deck, you can now extend your creativity beyond indoor spaces. Thanks to the IP67 rating of these neon lights, they're primed to withstand the elements and elevate your exterior decor. Transform your outdoor haven by adorning it with neon flex lighting, casting a captivating radiance over pathways and open spaces. Embrace the allure of custom neon lights and sculpt your outdoor area into an illuminated masterpiece, merging artistry with practicality seamlessly. Experience the fusion of innovation and nature as your garden comes alive with neon custom lights, forging a captivating outdoor haven.

Custom Neon Lighting2


To craft your own LED neon sign, there are several steps to follow. The primary approach involves using flexible LED neon strips, which can be tailored to fit your desired size. These strips are affixed onto a backing board or frame. To light them up, a transformer is employed. To add flair, custom shapes and designs can be formed using acrylic or PVC sheets. This process enables the creation of personalized LED neon signs. For more detailed guidance, resources like Wikipedia can be consulted. This technique can be particularly beneficial to individuals in the UK seeking to make their own LED neon signs.

Creating your own neon sign is quite achievable with just a few tools, clear instructions, and determination. However, if you prefer, you also have the option to buy a ready-made sign from a store or even request a personalized neon sign from a skilled artisan.

To make your own neon sign, you’ll need basic tools and materials like glass tubes, electrodes, and gas. The process involves bending the tubes into the desired shape and filling them with gas to emit light. It’s important to note that working with high voltage electricity can be hazardous, so caution is essential.

If you’d rather skip the DIY route, you can explore buying options. Many stores offer pre-made neon signs that you can directly purchase. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something unique, you can commission a custom neon sign from a craftsman who specializes in this art.

Remember, whether you decide to embark on a DIY neon sign project or choose to acquire one, there are options to suit your preference and style.

Crafting custom neon signs can vary in cost, typically starting at £150, but prices can rise based on factors like size, design intricacy, and installation needs. These signs begin at around £150, with potential for higher costs due to factors such as size, design complexity, and installation requirements.

To create LED neon signs, you’ll need:

  • Paper and pencil for planning.
  • Acrylic sheet for the sign’s base.
  • A saw to cut the acrylic sheet.
  • Clips and screws to secure the components.
  • LED neon flex lights in your chosen color.
  • Tube cutters to adjust the light tubes.
  • A soldering iron for connecting wires.

These materials will enable you to craft modern LED neon signs effectively.

LED neon signs are very energy-efficient. Conventional neon lights use around 20 watts of electricity per hour for one foot, while LED neon tubes of the same size use as little as 1.2 watts in the same time. This means LED neon signs use significantly less electricity than traditional neon signs. This efficiency makes them a better choice for saving energy and reducing electricity costs. If you’re in the UK, using LED neon signs can help you save on your energy bills while still enjoying attractive and bright signage.


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